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Top 5 Play to Earn Crypto Games Best Crypto NFT Games 2022

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Top 5 Play to Earn Games Best Crypto NFT Games 2022. Do you want to earn while playing games? Non-Fungible Token games are games that let you earn cryptocurrencies, which in turn you can convert to real-world money. Here you can watch the video about top 5 the best play to earn NFT games. Play-to-earn games are online games that let players earn rewards with real-world value by completing tasks, battling other players and progressing through various game levels. Here is the list of best you can get paid crypto by playing play to earn games. These rewards come in the form of in-game assets like crypto tokens, virtual land, as well as skins, weapons and other NFTs.

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  1. Thanks for the video Have you seen Farcana mini? In general, the project is a p2e battle royale. The project is still in development, but now you can play a mini-game and win prizes. Would be interested in a review from you

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