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Top 5 Tips For DMZ! – Modern Warfare 2

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There is A LOT to do and a lot to learn in the new DMZ mode of Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. In this video I go through my top 5 tips to survive more raids!

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:11 – Plate Up
00:01:16 – Make Money
00:02:36 – PVP Tips
00:04:09 – Get Some Range
00:05:05 – Free Extract

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  1. Let's take a moment to appreciate how much time and effort he puts into his content for us. Love the videos!

  2. Another big tip if a helicopter comes in 100m away chances are those bots aren’t for you. Played with so many people that don’t understand why I ping helicopters at that range. 😂 it’s a free UAV.

  3. Also noticed in a three man squad you can send out squad invites to a nearby enemy squad and then you can have a six man squad. Just did thiss and was mind blownn

  4. Looking for someone to play dmz with, tired of playing with randoms that don't know how to play as a team, Lozai8511 on ps5 add me if you want to play and help eachother

  5. Use the rescue hostage mission to evacuate from a location not shown on the map 🙂 that’s what I’ve been doing

  6. Making monny in this game is a waist of time because when youre out the raid its gone and has no point like 90% of the mode and also dont know why its called a extraction mode other then extracting there is notting that makes it close to any other extraction game

  7. Tip 6. The longer you stay in the zone, the more xp you get. I typically get around 30-50k for extracting in the final chopper while doing at most a single contract. If you did multiple contracts it would be much higher.

  8. I got insane loot on my first run and got crushed by the exfil heli because I was checking my phone

  9. here's a neat tip I like to call "Insurance Fraud": Instead of building your insurance weapon for yourself, build it for your teammate then swap guns at the beginning of the DMZ match. Now when you extract, instead of the weapon occupying your insurance slot, it will be marked as Contraband and go into your stash.

    You will still have to wait 120 minutes for a new insurance gun, but this way you get a "free" pimped out gun that you can use for later

  10. The lockers have the highest chance to drop bags and vest. Also, high chance for valuable items. there are a few big buildings that have a lot of these. For example, Northeast of F2 there's a secluded building with 10+ lockers. I believe there is 3 of these buildings in F2. Almost guaranteed medium bag or tier 2 armor.

  11. Fun fact, If you pick up a regular m13 (not the blueprint) and extract with it, you’ll still unlock the m13

  12. It’s so amazing I play with my dad and he’s a real tactical officer and it’s so awesome

  13. You passed up what I think is the most important tip. Get your whole team self-revives. Even if the whole squad goes down, you can still crawl to a safer space and a single self revive can mean the whole squad can come back. Even if "finished" you can still revive a "dead" squadmate.

  14. Theres a thing that idk if its true or not, that if you want to find their teamate, you can interogate down/dead enemies and they will show you their locations

  15. Good tips, I’ve been digging the Radioactive contracts for money too. The fuel rods net 10k each and even stack if you are stuck on a small backpack

  16. Getting the plate vest is huge, no lie I expected this to be a baby game where I would just roll the AI but they really can over run you if you get in a bad spot

  17. One thing I'll add is to USE A SUPPRESSOR. The AI will not know where you are and therefore not instantly aimbot you

  18. OMG, Jessie. Wheres the video of you and Tushonka(Noiceguy) THAT RAID WAS INNNNNNNNSAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNEEEEE!

  19. It's almost like all the tarkov content creators are all being paid to hype this up. It'll be dead in 2 weeks anyone could see that after 1 match.

  20. Meh. Seems like parts aren't well thought out. Near impossible for solos. What's the point of the $10/20 loot when you can find stuff worth hundreds or thousands easily, and more.

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