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Using TOP SECRET EASY GOLD-EARNING STRATS As My Twitch Chat TROLLS ME!? – 700 Gold in 7 Days Part 2

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My time to earn the gold for the Steam Elite Jump-Start Package is drawing thin. While the first few days were fairly lucrative, the remaining ones are marred with distractions in the form of the monthly Automated Tournament and TeaTime. I’m still confident, though, because I’ve got one last trick up my sleeve – but Twitch Chat have a few surprises in store for me too…

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:54 – Saturday
00:16:20 – Sunday
00:29:11 – Monday (the OMEGA GOLD EARNING)
00:46:17 – My Big Strat

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  1. TL DR: Scuffed PVP tourney turns into a quick 15gp

    I think my comments keep geting deleted here for saying "Bl4asting". Replaced a with a 4 cuz I cant stand typing all out and getting deleted.
    Anyway, been using a hardstuck shoutsworn build going through silver and decided to join up on lfg for an automated tourney. Didn't go perfectly, but we got 4'th place and scraped together 15gp for ourselves. If you put that foot forward, be it imperfectly, you may still be well rewarded.

  2. Wait a second, you're around 370 hours on stream. Just around 99 hours here, this is almost a nostalgia trip now!

    Good stuff.

  3. What a content, enjoyed every minute of it! Made me wondering, how much money do I have lying around in a wallet…
    GG, gamer!

  4. Good job on the challenge, it wasn't easy with all the trolls 🤣
    RIP imperial flavor currency exchange tho, prices dropped so hard kekw

  5. Well, and the people who were involved in the trolling most likely go crying next time on the forums they needed years to finish a legendary item.

  6. Bruh i was wondering why gem exchange is so expensive. There's literally no sale anymore but it's still high af

  7. I just got a flashback from back in the day staying up all night with the gang and I look at the time its 3am and I gotta be up at 6 for work … pain

  8. This kind of stuff makes you care about the loot in GW2 again. Grats on making the challenge though I suppose it's way in the future right now XD

  9. Ran dragonstorm not too much but probably around 40 times….and never got something worth more than 2 gold 🤣 In my 5k hours I only probably dropped a hand full of skins/weapons/armorpieces that were more than 10 gold.

  10. This little self-imposed challenge made for such an entertaining watch. Masterful content that had me genuinely wondering how you'd pull ahead until the last moment. Well done.

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