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What is NFT / Play to Earn Gaming

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What is NFT / Play to Earn Gaming
NFT Play to Earn gaming is one of the biggest things right now in gaming and in my opinion is going to be MASSIVE. In this video I explain what exactly is this NFT play to earn gaming.

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  1. Echo haven't you heard crypto currency just crashed your not gonna make money anymore vs. just draw something and trade it as NFT

  2. Love your channel man great coc content,but why aren't your videos getting the views it deserves 😭

  3. Thanks for the content bro! Have you heard about the new p2e game world eternal online? What do you think about this project?

  4. Whats up echo! Good videos as usual. But honestly still confused on how NFT games work and how they play. Guess it doesn't matter when Diablo Immortal comes out

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