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Win or Go Home! | Disc Golf Creator's Cup Day 2 Field Games

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We head to the field for round 2 of the Creator’s Cup!
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  1. This is a great way for us to find out which channels actually know what they're talking about and which are full of it.

  2. What I learned from this video is you don’t wanna see that guy from DD on a pitch n putt course. Dude is deadly 350 and in!

  3. I say next year, for accuracy challenge, set up 3 baskets. Hit anywhere on basket (but not in): double points, make it: quadruple points. 😳🔥 (And still have the cones as boundaries, of course.)

  4. You guys did a video that showed a long runup ruined your form and you threw less far….yet when you do distance challenges you do a 35 foot run up.

  5. When you guys are shooting instructions or adds can you please stop zooming in and out? It’s nauseating. If you want different look I would suggest two camera angles, on still wide view and another straight on close view and have the speaker look at different angles.

  6. This is the kind of stuff that kept coverage alive and entertaining during Covid. It was fun then, and it's fun now. What a great event!!! We need more like this, especially during the off season.

  7. A bunch of cones out there that seem to mean nothing when watching the video. Why are they there for the accuracy challenge?

  8. Fun stuff but can brodie shut his mouth for like 2 seconds? So obnoxious 💀💀

  9. Might have been mentioned, but just watched and Molt got to cone 8…..then ran back to 7

  10. Glad Molt's putting got him into the final. He's the reason I play/follow disc golf.

  11. should of had a basket for the accuracy competition that way it was much easier to see.

  12. Am i wrong that if you spray a distance shot left or right the range finder will shoot a further distance than if you throw it straight down the middle? Seems like hate people marking should be walking back to the center of the field every time before they range find it to get a true distance

  13. This putter distance comp was satisfying it shows that internet distance is real and I'm not gonna say which one either

  14. Watched until that Rob c clown then had to turn it off. Rob ruined it with his spastic nonsense.

  15. Catch cam on a couple of the events, especially the 2nd one, would've been nice.
    And also some simple on screen graphics showing the current standings and running scores. Not knowing takes away from the drama. Just things to consider for next year's. 🙂

  16. I like Robbie C but he is a camera hog and needs to turn it down a notch. A little annoying.

  17. Absolutely awesome seeing all the Creator's competing with each other. FD, you really killed it this time !

  18. I wish you would’ve had another camera down on the the accuracy part. It was hard to tell where they were.

  19. Connor made it from the hat and got 5 points. Everyone else that just made it to the hat and didnt make it in also got 5 points. They should have gotten 4 or Connor should have gotten 6

  20. Molt was putting from 8th position then went back to 7th after running back for putters 😀 Glad he still made the cut.

  21. Konner said “we need jazz hands when that happens!” I couldn’t agree more 😂

  22. Does anyone else realize we're witnessing, participating and supporting a new concept of professional sports? A world where we've got such a direct link and connection to the players and content creators. Think of all the bad, disconnecting experience things you have about current day athletes you support and sports that you watch and realize we're at a moment in our timeline where we can make this whole model different. Support your players now otherwise it will slide right in to the slot you despise. Buy their tour stamps, subscribe to their channels, pay for patreons and subscribe to DGN. Disc Golf is going to be big in the future and we should all be investing in how we want that landscape to look like. It's our one inside the circle putt.

    Also, #RobbieCGang

  23. Just saying Miss frisbees killing it competing with a bunch of men. Please tell me she gets a FPO trophy!

  24. Miss frisbees killed the putting! So many emotions just bouncing up and down..

  25. After watching these videos. I'm pretty sure that Robbie C used to have anger issues. And after like 3 nights in jail for something he said to a big guy. He went to anger management and was told to just take all that energy when he's mad and just scream silly things lol.

  26. I hope you all had fun playing, because I had a ton of fun watching!! Looking forward to the conclusion!

    Nice finish in the putting competition, Connor. You did get what you needed. 🙂

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