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Wizardia is described as a Play-to-Earn online role-playing strategy game with unique NFTs at its core. It’s built on three gameplay pillars: innovative turn-based combat, player-decision driven game evolution and upgrade-based character progression. Each player can take part in and specialize in different game modes such as PvP and PvE battles, base-building and exploration, spellcraft and research of crafting recipes.

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More About Wizardia:

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Combat in Wizardia is a turn-based confrontation between two teams of three Wizards that cast their Abilities to deplete the foes’ energy and win the battle. Depending on the game mode and the strength of the team, the matchmaking algorithm selects an opponent for the player.

There will be several game modes available in Wizardia, ranging from simple PvE and PvP duels to Weekly Challenge Series and winner-take-all tournaments.

Challenger Fights (PvE) mode allows players to battle an AI-controlled opponent at their own pace. An opportunity to practice before competing for greater rewards in PvP.

Duel Fights (PvP) is a realtime battle mode between two players with significant rewards and the possibility to wager $WZRD tokens.

Weekly Challenge Series (PvE) is a game-wide mode where the player’s goal is to win the most challenging battles during the week. Rewards are distributed game-wide, with all players competing for the same prize pool.

Arena Tournament (PvP) is a play-off format PvP tournament with entry fees and a hefty $WZRD and NFT prize pool. Players must qualify for the tournament via five random PvP battles. The tournaments are planned to take place at the end of each Wizardia Season and last for one week, with finals on Saturday.

Final Destruction (PvP) is a world-wide tournament streamed across the globe with a seven-figure prize pool. Best players with Wizardia’s strongest Wizards will battle it out to become forever remembered as the Season’s strongest sorcerers. However, this is an all-or-nothing affair, with the winner racking up a six-digit US dollar reward and all defeated players losing the majority of their possessions as well as everything they wagered to enter the tournament.

Blockchain technology
$WZRD is the cross-chain utility token that also acts as in-game currency and can be spent as well as earned or exchanged by every player inside and outside of the game. $WZRD can currently be bought and traded on and Pancake Swap.

Two types of valuable NFT have been announced so far, with more under development: Arena Genesis NFTs – which offer owners a royalty share from Arena battle transactions – and Wizard NFTs – player-controlled characters with unique art and in-game capabilities.

Earning in the game
Arena Genesis NFTs allow holders to earn without even playing the game. Pre-launch, they receive staking rewards and post-launch (Q2/Q3 2022), they receive a royalty cut from transactions in our battle Arena.

When the full game launches in Q2/3, players will be able to earn:
Rewards for fighting in the Arena
Fees for renting out Wizards NFTs
Proceeds from selling NFTs
Passive income through holding Genesis NFTs

Animated Wizardia Concept Art & OST teaser:
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– Cap Table:
Ghaf Capital, Exnetwork, Longterm, AU21, Trustswap, Vendetta, Ready Player DAO and 20+ more

– Community growth:
480k+ community members across all the social platforms

– KOLs:
Onboarded 400+ KOLs and counting

– Launchpads:
EnjinStarter, TrustPad, Safelaunch, NFT pad, RoseonPad and others

– Advisors:
Danny (Illiuvium), Sundeep (Trustswap), Tomas M (Zen Capital)

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0:00 Introduction & Gameplay
7:04 Types of NFTs
7:57 Staking & Passive Income
9:19 Tokenomics
10:42 How to Earn
11:38 Token Utility
12:07 Earnings Calculator
13:32 How to Buy NFTs
15:48 Roadmap
17:38 Team & Partners
18:23 How to Get Started


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