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Yes man mentality | Biggest problem with crypto gaming development

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  1. Matti….its all about hunger for cash, and not delivering a good final product. I, myself worked with MS for 10 years in Dublin….its, ALL about the revenue.

  2. Well said, it's true.
    The main reason I am excited for upcoming crypto games is that mainstream developers and publishers seem so out of touch with their fanbase. Because of the communities on Discord and other social media we have a unique opportunity to help shape the game, but we gotta be brutally honest sometimes when necessary.

  3. Matti, to be truly honest with you “as a fan” i may suggest you to keep on crypto games offline; with monthly update video on youtube, while at the same time keep posting bf1 game videos and streaming active.

    Gaming industry is now suffering a lot and we truly miss your bf1 videos.

    Good luck

  4. Any suggestions on crypto games that stand a chance in the long term AND are actually fun to play? Im not new to gaming and im also not new to crypto. I am however new to crypto gaming.

  5. Hope your on the mend Matti….Must admit I do miss your BF1 and BF2042 videos/live streams.

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