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Zack Hample vs the World

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An intimate look into the astounding, true-life story of baseball’s most celebrated and infamous fan – legendary “ballhawk” Zack Hample – along his journey to snag 10,000 baseballs from the stands at big league stadiums.


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  1. The way Zack is “weirdly” obsessed with catching baseballs, I’m “weirdly” obsessed with watching Zack catch baseballs! Lol. Awesome documentary!

  2. i relate to the old dad thing😂 i’m 17 and my dad had me when he was 50

  3. I really like this guy’s videos! I love baseball and what he does is incredible and very dedicated.

  4. I rarely spend money on films but had to go ahead and splurge to support Zach and the film maker. Inspirational to all! Keep it up!

  5. Thank you Zack for sharing your story. Keep that positive attitude going. You are doing nothing wrong, despite what the haters think. Love your videos.

  6. As a Red Sox fan, I can obviously say, screw "Mad Dog" Russo and the other idiotic NY radio hosts like Francesa, along with that douche with the sideways golf visor, (is he still in that 90's boy band?) but more importantly, as a baseball fan since birth, as a coach, and as a parent, I hope my boys will ever come even remotely close to having 10% of the passion Zach has, not for baseballs imparticular, but simply for the love of the game. See you at Fenway Zach – Cheers to a great season !!!

  7. BEST BASEBALL DOCUMENTARY (behind Ken Burns BASEBALL) Quite entertaining. Learned some new things about my boss.

  8. I loved the documentary! Learned so much! Perfect for anyone who loves baseball! Very well produced!

  9. AN ENTIRE MOVIE ABOUT ME?!?! 🤯 This is truly an honor and I hope everyone gets a chance to see it.

  10. Zack reminds me a lot of Tom Brady. Total motivation, max effort, goal oriented, work obsession, all to be the best at what he does. They are also almost the same age! Tom Brady is only 42 days older than Zack.

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