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Zeroverse Ghost World Gameplay – RPG Game NFT Play to Earn Android iOS

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Zeroverse Ghost World Gameplay NFT Play to Earn Free to Play | Zeroverse Ghost World Mobile RPG Game | Zeroverse Ghost World by Game Wonderland

Zeroverse is the world’s first RPG gamefi project that realizes the interoperability of NFTs and tokens in multiple game worlds. It solves the problem of traditional gamefi assets not being interoperable between different games and truly realizes the vision of a metaverse unification.

– Free To Play: All players can play the game easily without spending much money on NFT.
– Play To Earn: As long as you join Discord or Telegram, you can get an NFT that will never be destroyed and can generate game tokens every day so that all players can earn money without spending money.
– One NFT to play multiple games: Ghost World is the first sub-world of Zeroverse, so all NFTs in Ghost World can be used in any sub-world without worrying about waste and devaluation.
– The first 25 VS 25 turn-based RPG game: each battle can be played with 25 characters, and all your favorite characters can be played for epic battles.
– Not be forced to play and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to go online; your characters will help you earn a fortune daily and there’s no need to find back through spending money.

Home Page:
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Size: 320MB
Language: English

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