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This altcoin is the definition of a hidden gem.

With technology built for metaverse, NFT, VR/AR, and everything in between, this company has a bright future.

Additionally, they have worked with some of the world’s biggest companies including the National Football League, Pokémon Go, and Fortnite.

This is a crypto project you do not want to sleep on.

0:00 Intro
1:25 What Do They Do?
2:00 Sombra + Bonfire
3:35 Partnerships
5:15 Play-To-Earn Game
6:40 Dynamic Company
7:55 Future Plans
9:15 Generating Revenue

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  1. Sorry the graphics of the game sucks in comparison to GTA for sure. Don't like those paid videos at all. It's like you guys trying find something positive to say. Oh wow they are doing NFTs with…

  2. Great video guys!!! I'm very bullish in this project and I really believe it will become huge in the next years 🔥🔥

  3. So much respect for how much positivity you put while going through Jobs! I wish you all the best, mate! you deserve it EYE🤑 ON🤑 SIGHT!

  4. Hey you guys should do a 1-2 minute intro or ending clip answering a question or giving a quick rundown/update of a project from a subscriber comment off YouTube or any other social media platform you guys are on.
    For ex: I’m curious if your current stance on Utherverse and any current updates or launch timelines you may have on them. Yes the partnership emblem from this video caught my eye lol

  5. You've lost all my respect with this one I never watch another video this seems like a paid thing you have no integrity and therefore get no trust

  6. I think you need to disclose at the start if its a paid promotion as this isn't your usual video standard.

  7. Bonfire was my first "sh*t coin" I bought back in mid 2021. Turns out they've actually been working behind the scenes huh?

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