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In this video, we will discuss the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the top altcoins. We’ll take a look at the cryptocurrency markets and the latest crypto news.

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  1. Gary Ginsler is going down from John Durham when the Danchanko trial starts in October! he was listed as 1 of 6 people involved with the Russia hoax with Hillary Clinton and the FBI

  2. I have A Gem It's Called Hulk Inu It's On Etherum Blockchain And it's On A strong Floor At 500k Next will be up massive Get in now Talk To Dev ask your question And have a bag let's grow together

  3. Hulk inu is 1 weeks old and Already Has So much Achivements Staking Live CmC Cg Partnership with Omega Finance

  4. I’m so sick of him saying I called it and y’all called me nuts bro idek what you’re talking about I clearly remember you covering your bases so you could say called it

  5. Lmao don’t trust a exchange. Stay away from crypto cuz you cant trust them enough to buy. Good fud

  6. King Solomon is great, been watching him for a long time. Glad you had him on

  7. Don't previous charts show bitcoin bear market bottom close to last cycle bull market top price? Diminishing returns doesn't sit well with that thought 🤔. I think it would have to go low 175k high 250k to bottom around 65k in late 2025 or 2026

  8. Moonlight Coin & Floki Inu Coin had made a huge pump in last 24hours, Sir please analyze

  9. The court case has all been planned, complicity with Ripple is almost guaranteed. Chris Larson called Gary Gl"Genz" FFS, then starts talking about climate change and launches a 100m dollar fund. It is a fugazi, trade other coins until xrp/BTC dominance breaks. Until that point xrp is a nightmare to trade on purpose.

  10. lol so called 'conservatives' still dependent on someone to tell them when to buy
    buy low sell high, know what's a deal and what's not
    75% from the top is a deal if time frame is not an issue
    anything more precise than that is gambling

  11. Bro was telling people it’s gonna go down more not that long ago and now telling em to go ahead and setup a long 🤣😂

  12. lmao " you have to be ready for either situation" … it was an audio metaphor.

  13. Your ping pong guy is an idiot that tries to sound smart and acts like he knows what he's doing, by using a lot of technical words.

  14. Deaton should not be anywhere near any of this. SEC is right to toss him. He shouldn’t have been admitting in the first place. He tried to sign up his “clients” who were sent to him by scamming scheming yappers to join “John Deaton’s class action lawsuit against the SEC!!!! Hurry!!! Do it now!!! There’s no class action suit still. What did Deaton do with all the “clients”? Tried to sign them up as DEFENDANTS in a multi-billion dollar Federal Case (Feds win 99%). Defendants. I’m floored by the mountains of stupid it takes to still not understand what was evident on day one…Deaton is clueless. He’ll be lucky to keep his bar card. He might go to prison, in fact, along with his fellow conspirators. Stay tuned. But he belongs nowhere near the case and has only harmed those he and the other scammers claim to be helping. No help rendered. Only harm done. Look at it with rational eyes/mind. Understand what the important stuff is. Understand what the important words mean. This is super complex. And the yappers aren’t informed and aren’t capable of teaching anyone anything they need to know. These people are yapping for cash. That’s all. Don’t trust any of them.

  15. It’s not ridiculous, meatball. It’s the most informative bit of info floating around. Think it through. Recognize the final flush.

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