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  1. But, Saito the circulating supply is only 11%? Will it be a problem in future? Many thanks for your nice contents

  2. The argument supporting Kaspa is a bit weak I’m not convinced , Saito, Tao and link however are gold A++ choices

  3. Hello… First of all thankyou so much… I really love your vedios. Truly your speaking….I'll really appreciate that….

    Would you tell about Kadena, DAG

  4. Theta is POS but Theta isn't about bringing wealth to the poor. It about solving the internets infrastructure problem that all users and providers face.
    The rich do get richer in the Theta consensus mechanism but IMO that adds security because the incentive is there for the validators to not attack it… the benefits from Theta for big tech is too great for them to want to attack it. Theta will allow them to make trillions alone from VR and AR mass adoption.
    I'm leaving out alot of aspects though… like edge nodes etc etc… the poor benefit also.

    I'm super interested in you digging into the white papers lmao. Whenever your ready, no rush. Just interested in what your mind says about it after fully understanding it

  5. KAS has been in parabolic against the law of crypto market.
    As if it is in its own bull market. Still early stage and dirt cheap.
    Will be very big in 1-2 yrs time.

  6. I wanna buy more MNW, do you think we will see better buying opportunity? I already bought at this level.

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