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A VERY RARE Bitcoin Price Inflection | Polygon & Ethereum Pumping Hard | EVMOS

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Bitcoin shows a RARE RSI INFLECTING POINT!! Ethereum is finally picking up MERGE MOMENTUM!! Polygon racks up HUGE RALLY from a new partnership!!

0:00 Major Headlines
0:29 Introduction
1:15 Bitcoin Shows Rare Inflection Point
2:31 Ethereum Merge Rally
3:16 Polygon Gains on New Partnership, Updates
4:05 Millions Left in Evmos Airdrop
4:52 Meet “Decimated”
5:27 Celsius Releases Restructuring Steps

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  4. At this point remain long on Celsius…as long as users get all their crypto back.

  5. You have my immense thanks for all of the financial support you've given me. Your guidance and encouragement have helped me get to where I am today. Working with you is truly a pleasure.

  6. Remain in Celsius, if they have managed to get this far , they could be good in the long haul

  7. l'll never stop recommending you for being so legit and standing on your words honest people like you are rare Sir thanks for the funds may God keep it Up this until forever,

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