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Best Crypto Trading Platform | Tbitex Crypto | Tbitex Review

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Best Crypto Trading Platform | Tbitex Crypto | Tbitex Review

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Welcome to Our Best Crypto Trading Platform Video!

Tbitex is a US-registered crypto derivatives trading platform that currently features OTC, spot, and futures trading on 15 derivatives pairs with maximum leverage of up to 100x. After officially launching in February 2021, Tbitex experienced enormous growth and now boasts.

Tbitex is Leading the Industry

Tbitex focuses on providing users with an exceptional and consistent user experience. With security as the top priority, the Tbitex team is working constantly to assure world-class safety levels in order to deliver a worry-free trading experience regardless of market conditions.

Tbitex features a self-developed matching engine with extremely high liquidity that allows for flexible trading strategies. Tbitex also features ‘independent position mode’ functionality and ten other innovative types of transactions which makes trading much easier.

Tbitex Founder Steven Li’s Crypto Journey

Being involved in the blockchain space completely revolutionized Steven’s view of finance and the systems it creates. He realized that blockchain-powered cryptocurrencies would change the financial industry and push forth digital innovation. In 2021, he set about building Tbitex to allow users to easily and conveniently conduct spot trading and play around with derivatives. Assisted by a host of seasoned traders, Steven integrated creative trading concepts into Tbitex, offering users a professional yet intuitive trading experience.

Tbitex Prioritizes Security

Security is one of the platform’s core development principles. Tbitex is the first crypto exchange in the world to offer full compensation for abnormal losses which include losses suffered by abnormal insertion (fat-fingering), slippage of greater than 0.3%, network abnormalities, or operational downtime. In addition, Tbitex delivers an around-the-clock online support service in multiple languages to help solve any problems online, as well as one-on-one VIP customer assistance.

Tbitex in 2022

Currently, Tbitex has begun expanding into the European market by adding more features that will facilitate local European needs. The company is also planning to partner with key industry players to bring exciting new products and functionality to the platform, such as Copy Trading and Financial Management.

Looking into the future, Tbitex will continue to build a world-class ecosystem to provide a safe, simple, and comprehensive trading experience to crypto enthusiasts around the world; ensuring crypto trading is accessible to everyone and anyone.


The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

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