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Brad G and David Schwartz dropped a gem that alot missed!

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  1. I cant believe I just found this channel. My man is dropping hard facts about xrp, and he's got some Kicker Qs in the back. Bass and Blockchain, a man after my own heart. Great info bro, my #1 xrp channel from now on.

  2. Rewatching this and lmao every time tee hits the “hi there my names Johnny from blackrock wit special deals in the bacK”😂😂

  3. If someone can inform me on how to get a wallet for Cypherium on android .. Much appreciated

  4. The movie wanted has a part saying (she has one single Iota of tenuous power) an this movie came out in 2008

  5. I definitely want you blessing for an HDAO Italy Chapter. I’ll be president, VP and prospect all in one person 😂

  6. Thanks Tee. You addressed some points I definitely want to look into further in relation to CBDCs and their development stages in different countries.

    But you know I fully agree with you and where it is all going that is irrefutable. We may differ on time, but we don't differ at all on the end game. And I fully advocate exactly what you say NEVER sell your X assets before utility kicks in. Buy, hold, and put in cold storage. Simple. And be patient until it all happens.

    Because us retail investors are privileged to even be aware of all this information and knowledge!

  7. Tee, you’re a brilliant mind with wit & style to boot. I could envisage David S. sat behind his desk laughing & agreeing with each spoken word 💫

  8. Great stream. Knowledge on Blast. JimmyVoid XrpBronXBulls BronxBitcoinBulls 💯💰

  9. Bro, keep up the great work, truly respect 🫡 your patience, and understanding for the 3D, see you soon in 5D….

  10. Thank you for your insights, as well as your hilarious impersonations! My new favorite XRP channel!

  11. I got a question how do you think these looming wars affect crypto ?? And this ftx owner trying to monopolize exchanges in the u.s with bit something that was leaked..

  12. Takeaway – "Do not try to Trade, put it in a hardware wallet; cause they will take it away from you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tee just saved your/our life!

  13. Whichever Institution hires Terry Crews for the commercial will automatically have my full attention 😂

  14. Tee we are super thankful to have people like you and Kurt that bring such great passion and knowledge to this space and just want to see everyone win!!! Those that get it…..💪🏾, however…..those that don’t…..🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

  15. Question the old system is MT. The new system is MX.( iso20022) can these two be interoperable? Example one bank is MT and another bank is on new MX system. Can they transfer between them? Or does MT MUST WORK WITH OTHER MT. AND MX WORK WITH MX. OR CAN MT AND MX CO EXIST WITH EACH OTHER.THANKS TEE!

  16. Hi Tee, always love watching your videos, sucks I couldn't catch the live but still awesome to hear.

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