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Crypto Gem Trading Is Live – Crypto Gem Trading Tutorial

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Crypto Gem Trading Is Live – Crypto Gem Trading Tutorial

We are finally live with Crypto Gem Trading.

In this video I breakdown and explain step by step how Crypto Gem works.

If you would like to learn more about Crypto Gem simply visit

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Here is the information needed to add smart chain to metamask.

Network Name: Smart Chain


ChainID: 56

Symbol: BNB

Block Explorer URL:

Here is the token address for USDT bep20


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Disclaimer :

I am not a financial advisor. I make no guarantees of any kind. All investments come with risks. Never invest what you can’t afford to lose.


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  1. Great job sir Manny. Thank you for sharing this great opportunity. You're a blessing to the crypto communnity!

  2. 2 friends and I just joined, looks like a trustworthy and sustainable project. Let's keep this one going for years.

  3. How do we get a referral. What is the 1%, 3%, and 7% about… in regards to referrals?

  4. Manny ,one of your guys has just banned me from your telegram…all I did was ask questions …this really isnt the way forward

  5. This is a scam project, in the FAQ they have mentioned as long fund are the in the contract you can withdraw, if they are doing bot trading why worried about contract balance? And high refferal makes it ponzi.. if you are reading this comment, be safe.. do your own research, just don't fall for it

  6. Invested an hour after this video came out.
    Manny, I told you that you can count on me. I am actively trying to get others join.

  7. But Manny,in theory ,you could take out ALL the funds from the contract and ride off into the sunset ?

  8. After someone requests to have their initial investment back, do they still earn 2% daily during the 7-14 days of waiting for their funds back?

  9. How secure is the funds inside CGT because as you know metamask and trust wallet are not secure at all

  10. I'm ready to join and ready to presented to others. Congratulations Manny! All the best in this new adventure.

  11. If you don't take the 2% for that day does it go back to trade with or does it sit in the wallet until you have enough to withdraw

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