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  1. Can someone elaborate on why you shouldn’t buy a hard wallet from a third party like Amazon?From what I understand, the 24 word codes get reset and randomly generated after a reset. So, i don’t see what issue is.

  2. I felt like I was on the phone with my cousins. We're the outcasts. All we talk about is ISO 20022. None of the "popular" XRP YouTubers talk about XDC. Do you think there's some type of NDA? 🤷🏾‍♂️

  3. We would love to debate you on these topics. Bitcoin has already won. – Creole

  4. Thank you all for putting this on you tube was thoroughly a joy to watch and very informative.

  5. Don’t be shy Kurt give us some content your brother tee put us on ya. This was an goat only live 🔥

  6. Floating anxiety is the distraction from liberty, liberty comes with risk, risk is suppressed through anxiety

  7. My question is, how do they fuck us? HOW DO THEY FUCK US! wheres the angle, sometimes think, why is everyone not onto this if I am, truth is look around you, in your bubble, its complete lobotomisation!! and that surprises me….. the mass psychosis is deep, only the strong survive…..

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