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  1. You should go for ALT that have Good potentials, ETH and $WMT is a good pick

    wmtoken is listed on multiple centralised exchange, such as kucoin ,Huobi, and many more
    It is currently having a trade contest
    Users with the highest trade will win a huge prize

  2. Get RVZ token, today.
    Earn BUSD rewards!
    Investors are rewarded for holding RVZ tokens in their wallet! Why get nothing while sitting and waiting and watching the charts for a token to pump when you can be earning? 5% of every RVZ buy/sell transaction gets rerouted back to holders in the form of BUSD dividends, just hold and earn BUSD in perpetuity simply for holding!

    Investors that are holding 1 million RVZ tokens or more will receive a share of the Diamond Hand rewards!
    Rvz Apoc Lzn 282022

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