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  1. What will happen to my locked JEWEL? My xJEWEL at the Jeweler? My heroes? I kind of need just the basics and it seems others in the comment would like that, too. Thanks bud.

  2. Not trying to hate on DFK, as i love the project. Tho, been a bit irritated- as of 9-17-22, bought LP of Jewel, Crystal, Xjewel-jewel. Well, the Txn hashes are there, but i'm now "out" the 268Jewel, and corresponding Xjewel, and crystal. Not a lot i know, tho it still feels like being robbed, as the gardens i deposited in, just yield a deathspiral, and druid ulfur
    Says i have no liquidity. Ofc, there is no support i can find, and my previously hacked number, wont work to join discord to get a ticket. Really annoyed by this, & can see where their getting liquidity if this is happening to others as well😔

  3. can you make a video on what to do for us who only stake in the jewel-xjewel pool and been earning crystal ever since CV launch?

  4. Maybe I’m wrong… but my understanding is that xJEWEL already exists on CV. In order to have it be deposited into the Jeweler on CV, they would need to redo the contract which mints xJEWEL.

    Currently, the bridge mints xJEWEL as it is bridged over. To keep it in place as is, it would require the Bridge company to switch everything out.

    Much easier and more reliable for the team to handle it internally. Just requires us to bridge it real quick, pull it out of the SD Jeweler, then sell it for JEWEL and mint it back.

    It sounds like a lot of work, but it’s probably the path of least resistance… or like I said, I could be wrong. 🤷‍♂️

    Just how it makes sense in my head. 🍻

  5. I'm new to trading how can I make more profitable investment in crypto as crypto is being dormant now

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