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  1. As with everything Eric Wall says this won’t age well, please don’t let this video. Haha

  2. I get what Eric is saying but nobody claimed BTC inflated massive % per year in the early days or whatever because Satoshi's coins didn't circulate lmao. Dumb.

  3. OMG you fool 🤣 you really don't understand HEX, or money markets in general! Also how can you say this about HEX after 2021 bull market and all those scams from the other side . Basically…. Crypto works because of people buying tops and selling bottoms! 🤷‍♂️ it's that simple. Also… It doesn't work without a good old portion of timely fud!

    Think about it 🤔

    So no, HEX is not a scam. Its no different to btc. If ones a scam, so is the other.

  4. These guys are ignorant and toxic but keep fudding and helping us get in at nice price points.

  5. eric keeps it real. here’s the ying to the hex communities yang. keep your friends close…keep your enemies closer. he may prove to not be an enemy in the long run.

  6. After hearing this you can only be bullish on the Pulsechain ecosystem. Udi and Eric think they are so smart when in theory they just got into BTC and ETH early.

  7. Did he call all the people that sacrificed for the PLS/PLSX trailer park people??? WTF….

  8. Pulse chain sacrifices are donations to Richard and I can prove it, haven’t confirmed hex yet,

  9. Eric can talk for the sake of remaining in the spot light and like playing the devil's advocate on rh ecosystem, but should not be taken seriously as he admits he admires RH and his work. Eric is influenced and conditioned by scammy outbreaks which often happens in this space to look into everything with suspicion and he's been doing it for a long time that he actually enjoys what he's doing, and so he goes after hex and pls not because of any conviction of what he's saying is true. He's also desiring to hold pulsechain tokens when it launches at least that was his inference in the last interview with RH. To feed the monster in him, it's a fit for Eric to appear opposing a polarizing and prominent figure like Richard Heart at this point.

  10. "trailer park people" im sitting in my own home laughing. if i ever saw this fuckr face 2 face…..

  11. Inflammation…. 3.69? APY
    If you stake Longer, you slow down the inflation.
    So in theory, if most the stakers just stake Longer, in theory, we can slow down the inflation?
    Wow, do we have the power to Slow inflation?!

  12. Richard is actually a big loser: according to these cult followers he tried to create a scam, but made thousants of people millionaire. So he failed miserably. 🤥😐😑😏😀😄😅

  13. "" What's the Pulsechain?". Dude, do humanity a favour: crawl back under you rock and stay there.

  14. I’m getting sick of this shit.. I just don’t understand why is Richard is friend with Eric.. it feels off and I’m regretting being in the crypto rooms.. so much hate and scammers around

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