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  1. We still have cheaper fees but the speed of transactions will not be faster which is a main talking point of pchain. Hope it does come out at some point, though.

  2. >>>The crypto market has been unfavorable for months and i keep losing my money selling-off during dips,i'm very scared of holding right now, how do you guys still make so much<<<

  3. Eth developers might learn from the pulsechain developers works two ways. Eric is trying stealth and overt fud, ostensibly a nice guy but l don't think so.

  4. Whats the ETA on V3 Testnet? A 'copy-paste' isn't going to take another 3-6 months, right????

  5. Funny how Eric says HEX is a scam when so many got rich off it haha. They just love making RH look bad !

  6. I like Eric. At least his comments are civilised this time but he's assuming the devs are crap

  7. Ps. How good is RH right now. Feels like he's reading the room and adapting to the demand and what ppl want. Ledge

  8. If richard had told ppl he's owns 90% of supply, people would avoid hex. Now they are 1000x on average up. He knew centralised ownership is far better than centralised distributorship.

  9. Why would anyone share problems found with another chain with a competitor chain??? Relationship or not. That's pure FUD from a bitter soul.. People are trying to find or cause fault with the RH ecosystem. This will be epic as it gains traction.

  10. 3:14 Blackrock, (Mount Meru of the flat earth…. Yes, they're trolling you), owns all forks, eh? This is bankman level scammary at the highest of levels…

  11. Eric wall is a whale for sure trying to scare the community to buy Pls at the bottom lol

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