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FTX Crypto Crash | 5 Altcoin GEMS at 90% Discount

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Seeing one of your projects drop by 90% in this bear market is pretty scary. But this bear market and negative market sentiment are dragging down ALL projects including the best of the best. In today’s video, we look at 5 great projects that have dropped by 90% or in some cases more. But their quality means it’s just a big ‘buy the dip’ opportunity.

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0:00 Crypto Bear Market
1:07 Polygon MATIC
2:57 Solana SOL
5:26 KAVA
6:35 Lukso LYXE
7:59 Arweave AR

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  1. No doubt Harp still remains the best account manager so far I met him on a conference held in uk and I started funding with him.I invested $ 2000 with sir harp Fredrick and I made huge profits of $15,600 in just one week.

  2. everyone knows what's going on in the crypto and defi world lately and I think it's a bad reputation for this world

  3. Less than 5% of tokens that existed in the 2017 bull run reached an all-time-high price in the most recent bull run.

  4. Your airdrop last time never work. The coin never arrived after gave my Twitter 😂😂

  5. Thank you for the video! FTX was such a big scam😶 But now $PAW is on discount so be fast and enjoy your bags😉 And don't forget to stake all of it to earn well from that high APY🤑🐾🚀

  6. I got it " Bear Markets are here to make you rich and Bull markets are to tell you exactly how much! "

  7. Salute for the video! DO you know you can earn $PAW in reddit, youtube, twitch and twitter. BuyNow and Hold

  8. Get free $paw from paw digital by engaging your YouTube channel in some little tasks if you have up to 100 subscribers, and you can also earn by claiming faucet. Earn free $paw now

  9. Crypto tourists are still leaving the market. Solana is going to $7 while the rats leave the sinking ship. Hardcore crytoites are going to let projects bottom out, go sideways, then buy.

  10. When it comes to altcoins, I am HODLing $PAW. You could earn rewards if your YouTube account has over 100 subscribers, 10k views and 50 videos!

  11. I'd stay away from $SOL ever, not only for the obvious but just its broken tech. Look at $NEAR $HBAR $DOT. Solid adopted projects that just continue to build. Stay away from VC- induced ones

  12. Solana will be MUCH better off without Sam-BF. It might take a little hit further down, but it will rise MUCH stronger IMO.

  13. Yes some of these projects are down 90%. But you also run the rest out they just run out of money to fund themselves and just go out of business.

  14. LYXe is an awesome project, also one of my favorite ones and with a very high potential. But don´t sleep on EGLD. Now it is so low it would be a shame not to dive in and DCA on weekly basis.

  15. a year ago you heavily covered Cartesi, since then you seem to have lost interest. is there a reason for that?

  16. what do you think of Optimism? does it not have the same prospects as Polygon? Please cover your thoughts on Optimism as a video if possible.

  17. MATIC was issued at 0.00263, and is still up 340x. It has never seen a bear market before because it is a new coin.

    It was pre-mined and a lot of it (most of it) was given to VCs and investors.

    It is at an extremely high price. Binance has invested in it, and the price keeps getting pumped with the bots there. We will most likely get a chance to buy at 30c, and possibly even at 15c.

    We have a while to go in terms of getting to the bottom.

  18. Remember guys, even though it's fallen 90% recently, it can still fall another 100% from where it is now. In other words, just because it's fallen 90% doesn't mean there is only 10% downside left. They can still fall 100% from today onwards. So if you buy it after a 90% drop, you can still loose 100% if it goes to zero.

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