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HBAR & CRV – Gems to Watch Closely

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TODAY’S VIDEO: Today I take a closer look at Hedera Hashgraph ($HBAR) and Curve Finance (CRV) – two projects that have been making headway in the cryptosphere. Watch this video for key levels, market structure, order blocks, short squeezes, etc. If we see a trend reversal soon, I show what I want to see as my triggers, and vice versa if we head lower what my triggers for it would be. Need to stay objective and consider we can be wrong, have plans for both directions, but long-term I see a bright future for these two coins.

Thanks for joining, I am Crypto Vatsik and I trade cryptocurrency and provide frequent technical analysis videos on various digital assets. I use a wide range of tools and theories that I’ve become proficient at over the past 6 years trading these markets. Having the tools is one thing, but there is such a thing as having experience in these markets and I can show you my previous mistakes and successes with the aim of achieving your goals sooner and with less hardship than mine did.

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I provide technical analysis on Altcoins and Bitcoin to show you how to identify major opportunities when they are not obvious, identify market structure and breaks in them, identify and play different trends that seem impossible to catch, short-term setups that happen rapidly and of course long-term strategies if you are looking to invest in something.

I enjoy drawing out my thoughts on a chart while I talk you through it. Sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m wrong – The key is not to be right all of the time, it is to win big when you are right and lose small when you are wrong. Half the battle is KNOWING when you are wrong and having a plan of action. A clear Plan A & B with definitive invalidation levels that you hold yourself accountable to is the key to being a successful trader and dare I say, in life! Doing the same thing over and over with no result and the expectation of a different outcome is the definition of insanity.

Anyways, please enjoy my thoughtful and in-depth analysis’ and ideas on how to get involved in the crypto market or certain projects you may be interested in. I have a variety of experience in this field as it is my passion and I will continue building this channel for you, for FREE. All of my material and content will apply to almost every crypto asset when you look at the theories, indicators, tools, styles and setups I cover including: Elliot Wave theory, Fibonacci, ranges, divergences, levels, market structure, order blocks, moving averages, trend reversals, volume, relative strength index, dominance, channels, leverage, macro/micro, liquidity, demand, support/resistance, longing and shorting.

Do you feel like you always JUST missed a move? Same. That’s fine, everyone does, let me teach you to see what I see. I give insight into why something may have already happened in the past, what is currently happening and what to expect on the next move based on what the CHART is telling us. I also look at overall market reviews that hint to us the relationships between not just assets, but bitcoin dominance/open interest charts and other various tools that tell a story if you can read it.

The trick is to not try and catch every move or have a 100% strike rate, but to identify what the next probable direction in price is by having strong conviction and being able to say the “likely scenario is this” because you’ve objectively reasoned with yourself, your analysis, your risk management and executed a strategy that favours your position.

Please join me in this journey because you are NOT late to the party, like I said, it doesn’t matter if you feel you ‘missed the train’ or previous opportunities – what matters is what you do now and how you do it.

Let’s do this.

Not Financial Advice – these are my opinions only.

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One Comment

  1. Always wondered why people are not flipping the chart. If it is a solid project, people should be buying at the bottom. But due to bad behaviors, people see a high point, they think it is good.

    As for the spike, this is most likely one of the project builders who needed a million of HBAR to make future API calls on the network. Some projects on Hedera are planning to do a billion if not more, transactions of year, so yes, they would buy when the price is low and yes, there would be a selling happening right after by retailers. Those are not people, those are bots unable to understand what is happening behind the chart. So bots do what the chart tells them to do.

    People need to rely less on bots and TA and more of what caused the spike or dip. This is why they call it the 1%, because they don't trade with the same mentality as everyone else.

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