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Piggy Bank
Animal Farm

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  1. Do you still airdrop your drip team bro? Spin the wheel or something, might get people a little hype to hop on board.

  2. I need to get in contact with support from stable fund I tried depositing around 243 Matic polygon From Coinbase and Coinbase says that it went through but stable fun says that it did not go through I don’t know who to talk to I don’t know what to do does anybody know how to get in contact with stable fund support what I think is stable fun just took my money and ran with it and didn’t tell me so I know where they scammed me they just took my money for nothing for their gain and now it’s my loss

  3. I feel like you guys are always making an excuse for drips behavior lol. I’m serious though. I’m invested but the price has just been trash and we just need to be honest and stop always having an excuse.

  4. While I don't have any SRocket I would be a bit supicious why the Matic hasn't been paid out. I am in SF as well but having heard Michael speak he always delivers. So hope you get your Matic. Please keep us updated.

  5. They are the bear market dream team. (Just add Horde) Feels good to be outperforming the global market lol Of course we have to remain cautious, but they are pushing along through a tough market.

  6. Ok, the only other thing I think you need to look into is Wealth Mountain. I ran some numbers and it is alot better than I thought…

  7. I learnt a lot from this video. I can't wait to start investing in crypto and make profits. Any suggestions please?

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