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  1. He has no Dev team. He is waiting for Ethereum Merge so he can fork and claim his imaginary team did it also. The guy is a fraud!

  2. For anyone who still thinks he's timing the market at this point, y'all are dumb. Watch his fcking stream. He explained it himself. smh.

  3. Hey guys gotta question. Which is the best crypto exchange to us in the USA? I'm tired of dealing with Gemini and thier limits on how much money I can transfer from my bank account. Suggestions greatly appreciated.

  4. Ya Richard could go down in history as making more millionaires for the paycheck to paycheck gunts, but beyond that, he could go down as the guy that made more millionaires directly, than anyone in history. I mean if Pulse does what we all think it's going to do….
    Game over man.
    We buy a country and have King Richie Rich.

  5. I think richard is connected with some high elite rothschild type of people thats why he is always full of himself, those billionaires are controlling everything

  6. NFT's have value beyond gaming. Lots of the tech for NFT's is being built and not talked about. You guys have zero imagination and knowledge about NFT's. What a joke of a convo 😂

  7. Hahaha he’s just waiting on the developers to say it’s done. Software takes years to complete.

  8. Don't hang on Rackham highly untrustworthy 100% verified 2017 ICO SCAMMER who rugged on 3 ICO’s getting away with 9 figures.

  9. 5:52 Nope. Gamers are rejecting NFT's 100%. Ask the gamer community what they think of nft's instead of assuming you know.

  10. He’s timing the market. The dude saying he’s not is just used to sucking Red Bull PP

  11. I’m new to crypto and after following all news and info on Bitcoin and etherium at moment I believe the the Richard Heart strategy makes so much sense , I look forward to making some money and retiring .

  12. disagree with the NFT debate, eth gas prices is not the reason for lack of utility of NFT's, their is no correlation. Matic, and Solona is all the proof we need, lowest fees, and great for NFT compatibility, but still no use case? Its all the scams, and the ridiculous disconnect on the prices of these loose Jpegs if lucky, the incentive for the value simply ain't their, therefore a we're currently in bubble mode as far as NFT are concerns.

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