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Today we discuss the new info Manny released for the Defi Project PGM. Please go watch his video, and join the discord to get ALL the necessary information about this project. I have removed all my prior videos on the project, since some information has changed.

Take care. Be Safe.

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None of this is financial advice! Please do your own research before you enter any project. Please understand you can lose the money you are investing. Never invest what you aren’t willing to lose.

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  1. Andy, thank you for the update! Good information. If you're uncomfortable, pull out what you can't afford to lose and play with house money, simple!

  2. So are we all supposed to forget about the warehouse he was going to show us tomorrow in the USA? 😁

  3. When manny said pgm is no longer a company and is now a defi project and not based in the US, does that mean no more full refunds like cgt did?

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