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  1. The charts will show adoption in the future these dudes are playing it safe in their ecosystem.thats why they are like that plus there are good projects like
    Power City
    The pulse abides coin

  2. This is exactly whats been on my mind — we even have hexicans calling all projects SHEET COINS right — but in reality there are projects that do have merit – there are projects that have substance – we cannot be what they are on the other side – the negative views of the Pulse and Hex ecosystem that is developing – to call all others SHEET COINS – we need some peace here to have them realize they need to adopt this chain – run their projects on this chain — a huge airdrop will have more value if the underlying projects/ assets adopt PLS – great content here

  3. Drip & Hex/Pulse should combine forces, ecosystems, and communities!

  4. Obscure You're the best man, keep them coming I needed to hear this😊

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