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  1. After reading the comments, I realized that the camp was divided in two, those who consider it a fraud, and those who are ready to invest in the same second and consider the project really worthwhile

  2. it is better to invest in something proven than the products of a new school

  3. please give me back the money I invested it in a similar project in 2021

  4. if you create a prosthetic penis, how will it behave in a stressful situation?

  5. if they put such a price tag, it means they really consider themselves top!

  6. If I steal money from my mom and it doesn't pay off, I'll go to an orphanage

  7. I'm shocked at how much of a guarantee these guys give! thank you for not disappointing!

  8. How do I choose the best option out of all the ones you've suggested, David? I want to increase my capital , but for this I need to know the evaluation criteria for each of the projects

  9. check the authenticity of all links and numbers in advance, otherwise it's so easy to deceive you!

  10. Send me the Instagram of the freak who did this, I'll fuck up his direct

  11. why do they provide you with information for advertising, but they don't publish anything on the site

  12. I wanted to take out a loan to invest, but the bank did not approve it to me

  13. only you make a fuss about the project, Personally, this is the first time I've heard of him

  14. I don't even have the money to pay for the internet this month, what thousands of dollars are you talking about

  15. who sets the initial price of the token and by what principle is this done

  16. who conducted the audit for them? I want to make sure of their competence

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