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  1. Just let everyone know it's not 4.7b in circulation there is about 33b nearly .
    And 320m market cap .

  2. Go study the white paper people it's long term hold .

    Kir finance on YouTube is main man for jasmy videos as well as dipmehtaverse who is the etherscan holic on jasmy circulation .

  3. I had it for awhile and the free ones I got from cb, but i sold around Feb this year lol

  4. Thank you, great video! I dunno much about $Jasmy. One concern I have is that the idea of having a coin/token for sharing some sort of info is out there generally speaking. So got to be many competitors etc. In turns of investing then, how would you pick the right ones.

  5. Jasmy chart looks terrible! but Devs with Sony background look solid. worth a gamble. problem being what little money i have is put aside for other tokens st moment! we shall see

  6. Sounds interesting. data thats collected anyway. will do some research.! where abouts you from brother. im a scouser living in new Zealand

  7. Now is not the time to be shilling low cap altcoins to your audience when 90% will go to zero. C'mon guys have some decency….

  8. Nice pick! Love that it's so easy to buy too. Definitely going to look into this one

  9. listings doesn't mean anymore, CB Pro lists scams like AVT from 2017 which started as a Ticketing projects and slow rugged their community, and now they call themselves an L2 project.

  10. 500M FDV!? how much you expect it grow, they'll dump it to oblivion as soon as people buy in, ZachXBT needs to look into this

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