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It's a Bear Market But Here's How It Can Make You Rich

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As we enter a bear market this is usually when a lot of people quit crypto but it’s also a time when the most wealth is created to get rich. In this video I show you guys how you can make a insane amount of profit if you invest correctly in this bear market cycle.

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  1. hey im trying to get your ebook the email instructed that the ebook will be sent to my email and i should download it but the ebook isnt showing up

  2. I been watching your video for the past few months and i like your style its original

  3. Despite the current economic downturn, one needs to have different portfolio, I already invested in Forex and Crypto which are really profitable. I was able to build a big income stream investing with Katherine Foley

  4. Thanks for the vid. DCA'ing is like a so simple and effective, but most people don't get it.

  5. This video is straight facts!! It's hard to decipher this info when your a newbie in the game or don't have that shark mindset when it comes to looking thru the crypto market. It's allot of things that need to be developed in order to view a bad bear market as a sign of huge opportunity. This video hit home. Keep doing your thing OG!!! Thank you for all the valuable content you drop! 🚀🚀🚀💪👑


  6. Hi Joovier. If you only had a thousand dollars to put in and you already have a 1000 in DRIP Faucet. Would you put the extra thousand in DRIP or in the Animal Farm/Piggy bank. Please help me to decide.

  7. This is a great video idea to do in this video in life right know today for us only okay

  8. This is why you're such a pure soul who always lend his hand with money. I wish the world has more people like you without you I wouldn't have set up my business successfully if not for the 0.4BTC I got from you.

  9. I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money. Invest some of it if you want financial freedom.

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