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  4. p2p system is good I have checked it out since it is something I have been looking for

  5. your videos are trending on my page bape good job must be doing something right

  6. great performance on your end my favourite crypto blogger to this day

  7. the market has finally moved up bape remember yesterdays falls? I have seen some comments about it

  8. How long does it normally take for the system to start lending out your USDT once you enable the auto-lend?

  9. I've just made a Kucoin account here after a week of struggling with Binanace. Thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  10. love this exchange my brother showed me it like the numbers are unreal compared to others

  11. Great video thank you! Do you ever scroll down the list of coins to see which is offering the greatest return, and lend based on that?

  12. What about old users , signed up before without referral? I would use your code bro

  13. They offer paypal for cashing out don't use it paypal always has problems cash out using bank transfer etc

  14. Kucoins customer support is atrocious… but at least it exists unlike many other exchanges.

  15. Kucoin is great until you need customer care. I've been locked out of my account for close to a month now. The only customer care you interact with is algorithms which don't solve your problem.

  16. Can I use your code if I'm already signed up there for the lower trading fees?

  17. Kucoin offers a 24/7 customer service nice any issues they will sort me out usually it's ages before admins and mods answer

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