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  1. PLS LAUNCH will be 6 months BEFORE NEXT Halving of April 2024. I.e Launch in DEC 2023. IF BTC NEVER TOUCHES 11K that is his contingency plan.

  2. The only reason hexicans Maxis are angry and aggressive is because they are scared about what xen can do to their bags. That is all. If you are not threaten by it, move on and stop talking about it. Instead, go and promote hex.

  3. Im in Hex…Pulsechain, PulseX is going to be amazing…RH is so honest and blunt…I also think Jack is a good guy…everyone should want both to succeed….I do.

  4. Hex hangout’s toxic attitude is cringeworthy and embarrassing as a hexican. This is why other communities complain about how toxic the hex community can be. Grow up Hex Hangout, your attitude indicates immaturity and ignorance vs substance. Good on Jack for keeping cool

  5. It's not about hatting Jack it's about keeping people from getting recked. Quite frankly saying it's for fun and that the price is irrelevant is idiotic. That's like the people that say they're in it for the tech. There are real people that put more money than they should that are gonna get recked. Jack is very elusive and this guess my motive attitude doesn't cut it.

  6. vampire attack is capitalism at work. stay competitive or get beaten by something better. im amazed anyone can stand the channel with the fuck bro guy. low class to the max.

  7. "The first step toward success is taken when you refuse to be a captive of the environment in which you first find yourself." _Mark Caine

  8. #yohexicans the british dood and @bullish were right, quit badmouthing your debating opponents it just makes you look like your losing the argument, freedom of speech isnt an excuse. market to CEOs not 18 year olds. X

  9. guy took them 2 billiong for some stupid pls plsx copies and they still trying to protect a scammer richard shuller hex will go to zero RH in jail soon your investment will go to zero

  10. This was a shitshow, dumb hexicans just repeating Richard heart takes away from Richard tbh, at least he seems to make sense

  11. 34:08 They dont let Jack answer the damn question. Ask him, "whats your angle?" then shut up. Stop droning on for another 2 minutes and switching up the subjects and NEVER letting jack answer. I'm not a Xen fan, but let him talk. Jack was going in on a story about Elon and they cut him off and start making assumptions about Elon selling Paypal and… then NOT letting jack finish. Super annoying.

  12. You spent $3 in gas to mint XEN when you could have paid $10 to swap your $100 of ETH into HEX. How dare you risk $3 instead of buying HEX! Vampire attack durrrrr

  13. If you spent a dime on Xen… have effectively took liquidity AWAY from the highest appreciating asset of 2020/2021………….for a promise in ……….8 years! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. First time i've heard about Phamous, instantly blocked him on twitter. holy shit what a narcissistic asshole, does he really think he will influence people the way he is behaving?

  15. I thought xen to be experimental to bring more people into understanding just like he stated from the beginning

  16. Nice conversations. Love him or hate him but i dont think Jack is really a bad guy. He's free to have his opinion and i admire his self control. I can call myself a Hexican and I love RH so much.
    Sometimes I try to imagine what would happen if Jack talks about Hex the same way RH talks about Bitcoin. It will be hilarious 😃. People should just chill and watch this thing over time. There's really no need for all the bickering. It's a free world. I also think XEN deserves some respect for achieving what it did in such a short time. It's an open market and everybody should do their thing the way they want to. The fight is useless imo. 🤔

  17. If it was free Jack should've made a whitelist sent gas and xen to addy and boom thats free

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