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Get paid to move with STEPN app. Supercharge your earnings by using gems in the sockets of your NFT sneakers. This video will help you earn more and make the best decision with your upgrades. Earn Stepn GMT tokens and Stepn GST coins by walking, running, jogging, or all of the above. These can be traded for Solana or Binance smart chain tokens and swapped for USDC. Comment below to win an activation code.


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  1. this was enlightening. Can't wait to go for those mystery boxes with the 125% strat and gamble them away

  2. Finally someone with a simple guide for sockets. I really appreciate this video. I have been clueless about it altogether. So what you’re saying is that you won’t know what sort of socket it is until it has been unlocked? Do uncommon shoes automatically come with UC slots?

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