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  1. The OMI token is dead and veve is dead. People have moved on. When a business stalls and takes their time it means failure. First impressions matter and veve had their chance and failed. Watch what happens next year, they will say there is too much competition and be bought out and there will no longer be an OMI token. Watch what happens next year

  2. Will OMI token ever uplist to a major exchange, such as Coinbase or Binance – or is that not in their plans

  3. Will Rhyss be the representative for Veve at inevitable SEC hearings? Seems we need someone with a deep knowledge of OMI's tokenomics to do so. And Foster, you should be his wingman.

  4. This will be implemented in the bullrun od 2046..They cant even upgrade search bar in the app…set up speed is "next week and soon"

  5. When you want more omi, but are afraid of the 10 days your money will be waiting on binance.

  6. Omi litteraly didn't need to exist. The whole utility program can be done in fiat/stable coin. There would be way less volatility and it would be much easier to implement.

  7. What is your opinion of how the OUP is going to escape regulation (especially in light of FTX and SEC Chief Gary Gensler's opinion that staking will pass the Howey test)?

  8. Depositing gems Before you sell the collectible to save on fees is actual jokes. How are you supposed to sell a 100k collectible. They expect you to have 10k b4 you sell the item?? That’s how i understood it

  9. Some serious questions by knowledgeable veve fam members have been brought up. Looking forward to your take on them and looking forward to Rhys & PuddinCheecks take also. Hope they can get it right!

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