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Theta Ecosystem Outline – NFT Explosion – 20x Gem Potential

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Disclaimer– This is not financial advice and I/we are not telling you to buy or sell any financial assets including cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are volatile assets that can go up exponentially, or drop in price; they can be as wild as a Kansas City roller coaster. Invest at your own risk. Some of the links shared are referral links. We get a small commission when they are used. Please use them… it helps to support the channel and our research.


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  1. Theta will never hit $5 again. Crypto moves in cycles and Theta was part of a previous one. What was once new and exciting is now old and outdated

  2. been waiting long time for zil and theta everything else has taken off even shit coins like doge and ape.

  3. Hex is doing pretty well and pulsechain launches soon 🇩🇴 yep safety and yields.

  4. Dave I was going over your predictions for end of 2021. What happened? XRP $25. BCH $5000+ ZIL, ETH, DGB, XLM, ETC… Everyone seems to have gotten it wrong. Are we still in a bull market or did we see the peak already? What is going on?

  5. The ad you're seeing on Resorts world isnt the result of Theta's marketing (which doesn't exist) but rather the result of their partnership.
    Big difference..
    Yes, its cool but Theta really needs to do something to raise awareness and encourage more devs and users to check out the project.
    It needs an actual marketing team.

  6. I don’t know anyone who is bullish on tdrop. Thanks DD 🙏🏻

  7. DD is a real THETA Hooligan!! He brought it to my attention when Theta was around 8 cents, and TFuel around 2 cents…DD is a real Theta Saint! 😊 Keep up the good work!👍❤️

  8. Hey Dave. Longtime viewer. What are your thoughts on panther protocol zkp. It's a L2 privacy token that's compliant built-in.

  9. noobs make sure u check the contract before u swap anything for anything on a dex

  10. Thank you Dave for putting out all this quality info for us. I must admit: I'm starting to doubt whether Theta could reach its all time highs any time soon. However, you are a huge asset to both the Theta team and the crypto community in general. Keep it up!

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