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Top 10 Projects To SURVIVE Crypto Winter

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My top 10 picks for projects that will survive crypto winter and go on to thrive next bull run. These are projects that based on their fundamentals I personally see navigating this crypto winter well and coming out the other side stronger than ever.

Some of these choices will for sure be controversial and I’m confident some of you won’t agree with all of these. Keep in mind that there are 10,000 plus crypto projects and it’s impossible for me to properly evaluate them all. These choices are my personal choices, based on what I’m actually putting my money into during crypto winter. There could be better choices out there, sure, but these are the ones I’m personally choosing.

As always this isn’t meant to be a recommendation list, so please don’t just blindly copy me. This will more than likely result in your losing money if you don’t know what you’re doing or why you’re doing it.

If you have any questions let me know in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer them!

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*IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: None of this is meant to be taken as any form of investment advice, it’s just me sharing my journey to a million and taking about what I’m up to and the strategies and tactics I’m using to try to get there. Do your own research always! I’m a normal guy who makes mistakes and has made plenty so far during this journey. So choosing to blindly copy what I’m doing isn’t going to lead you to just making a ton of money. I’ve had investments where I’ve lost EVERYTHING. I don’t just say do your own research as a legal covering but because you really need to do your own research and make your own call. If you don’t understand what you’re investing in you can lose A LOT of money! Especially in crypto which is super super risky. A lot of the projects I like to jump in are really small crypto projects which make them even more insane risky. Past performance doesn’t mean the project will do the same thing in the future, no one can predict the future and what will happen next. I’m pretty passionate about this, I am by no means a professional investor. I’m on my journey to a million dollars, I don’t even have the experience to have made a million dollars. All this is to share my journey because I believe there is value in watching me both succeed and fail. It’s my story I’m sharing with all of you, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and don’t just blindly copy me😄

Also all of this info might be accurate at the time of me recording and posting but in the future things could change. Especially in crypto things change fast, so just be aware of that. Thanks!

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  1. Well explained, thank you! And I'm not worried about cryptocurrency price collapse, because I found a very convenient Crypton cryptocurrency. It can be mined on very favorable conditions in Utopia P2P ecosystem.

  2. New project on binance network bronet inu contract 0x8CeA34460D0Aa068AE3596BCdd0fC18446183401

  3. When mass adoption hits 2024-2030. 330 million in crypto now & 7 billion on this planet. When companies/institutions start accepting it, plus a billion users*BTC 250k+*. All ALT tokens that survive will be like holding gold laters. You'll be a pioneer. Most people can't comprehend the future & not only that they invest in tokens that want even be here.

    #1 Nervos Network (technology connected within everything, especially futuristic cities)
    #2 Siacoin (storage for technology)
    Crypterium (accessible funds/transactions)
    Alchemix (loans)
    Harmony One – ETH 2.0 plus alot more

  4. Yeah the terra thing was more of a ponzi scheme coming crashing down than a security issue.
    I can see all these protocols being around in the feature but why hold the coins just use the protocols. Curve is a glorify farm token, never lock coins whales will dump on you.
    OHM wrote the blue print on how to raise capital and leave their investors high and dry. Isn't sphere a fork of the Elephant finance? BTC see you at 9K.

  5. Like the list, got very similar thoughts on projects chances nowadays 👍 Biggest hopes on Sphere, they're doing really great job. Polygon, Aave also good picks – makin' right moves and should expand in future. BTC & ETH maybe cllasics but why not? Prices rn on huge bargain. Many people mentioned MDB in the chat as a addition – like their organic work and growth, nice ideas, Devs & Team very involved, strong community. I also recommend to watch Oracle Finance (also on Polygon, good game plan, seems perspective in longterm) & ArtemisX (have already added a miner, M2E on it's way to strengthen the utilities of ArtemisX ecosystem). Times are tough, but we gonna get stronger as bearish market ends. Just keep calm and invest in cold, calculated way crypto Bros & Sis 👍

  6. Bro you missed Apex Foundation, those guys are building through the bear market. Gonna be huge 🚀🚀🚀🚀

  7. Great list but you should have included Apex Nodes to the list too. They've been holding good during this great red market and are silently building verticals, acquiring partnerships that will generate revenue for treasury. Recently they've got a huge partnership with XRP and are building the first bring for XRP to EVMs.

  8. Great video as usual. Came here to recommend Optimism (OP) but saw you already had OP's logo up there. Low market cap, token just launched, bungled the airdrop so the value is low due to current emotional sentiment. Optimistic rollups as a L2 scaling solution will likely be around for the long haul.

  9. Brilliant mate . Thanks how about doing some long term investment? Can you a top 10 long term investment? Thank you ! Something great about you mate . High energy and vibe . I am following your foot steps . I want to be like you even better . You got a great future ahead of you mate . You will become big on CRYPTO.

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