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TOP 5 Ways To Find Crypto Pre-Sales (That 100x) – My Strategy to Find Coins Early & Before the PUMP

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Wanted to share a ton of value with you in this video!! My top 5 ways I find early crypto pre-sales that have 100x my investment. These are my tips to finding opportunities early, and before the pump and dump happens. You of course must always DYOR, but here are 5 ways to find when lucrative tokens are launching. Make sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT for your chance to win the $100! Take Care!

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4:00 Strategy 2
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9:24 Strategy 3
10:51 Strategy 4
12:21 Strategy 5
13:13 Outro

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  1. Hi Torin, how can someone organize his life if he needs to take all those steps to find a certain amount of X in a project? And then you need that for that, and that for that and then you can purchase for a small amount a coin/token, but you can't withdraw it immediately, because of the regulations, so who's going to be the winner? The team gets better, and we can say it did a certain X, but the X will be a minus with time, unless btc goes up. So clearly a eat you and eat me way of life, ratrace, all rats.

  2. This video is action packed and has opened my eyes. I have raked been by the OHM forks such that better resourced platforms are necessary for research before I could put my money. One presale platform I find interesting is SAFUU Protocol. Would you mind doing a review on it before launch?

  3. thank you so much Torin. learn a lot from each of your videos. keep hook up great information. im starting my journey in this early of the year, and take a courage to jump in the scene after watching your videos.

  4. Great content as always…and for the gift price bro like am seeing u from Africa how much can I say about being a fan

  5. Honestly you voice and review Both are very fare and very confidential.
    I am subscribing first cryto related channel .
    Thanks a lot….

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