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Web3 Series with Alfred Kahn! Episode 1 – “Al’s Story”

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In the first episode of our Web3 series with Alfred Kahn, we discuss his legendary resume, bringing to market some of the most successful franchises of all time including Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Nintendo, and Cabbage Patch Kids! If you enjoyed this video, please make sure to Like and Subscribe! We will be dropping HODL or Sell videos the day before each drop. As always, this video is made for entertainment purposes only and is never financial advice.

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  1. This was an incredible interview all the things he has accomplished & is still doing & that alpha nugget towards the end. BIG thank u to the C&C team for putting this one out

  2. Cabbage Pack was awesome. People need to remember 4Kids lost Pokemon in 2006 (they did sell their 3% stake in Pokemon). They also lost Yu-Gi-Oh in 2011 in a lawsuit and went bankrupt that year. The final bankruptcy was in 2017. The boom in both card games happened after control returned to the Pokemon Company and Konami.

  3. Great interview guys please keep these coming. Can you do more Hodl or sell videos please for comics. Really like your format for them

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