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Why You Need To Self Custody Your Bitcoin | JP Richardson

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JP Richardson is the CEO of Exodus. In this conversation we discuss all of the fallout from the FTX collapse, the massive increase in self custody sales in the past week, the importance of decentralization, where the industry will go next, and building remote companies.

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0:00 – Recent Events In Crypto
2:00 – Exodus Custodial Wallet – You Hold Your Crypto Keys
3:15 – 18,000 Exodus Accounts Opened In Last Week
5:15 – Almaeda Invested In Exodus
7:30 – How FTX Bankruptcy Affects Exodus & Portfolio Companies
11:30 – The Problem With Centralized Exchanges – Leverage
14:00 – Posting Proof Of Reserves And Liabilities
16:30 – Are People Leaving Industry? Exodus Was a Decentralized Company FIRST
18:45 – What Keeps JP In This Industry?
24:00 – Why Should People Use Exodus
26:15 – Where To Find Online

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  1. Fantastic update, greatly appreciated. On the other hand there are many ways of manipulating the market. I am glad as a small investor that I am putting my hard earned savings into the most, that being said the only transparent market is day trading. I've made over 9BTC copying and using Feven Lena's daily signals and method, her trading skills is exceptional.

  2. The only way Trezor could make self-custody simpler is to do it for people. That puts them right back where they were.

  3. 'Exodus has Btc & Eth on balance sheet' do they actually have any real currencies on the books though like USD?

  4. Wallet is great but the exchange fees are pure trash, not worth using unless no other option is available.

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  8. Nearly 20K of my ADA got transferred out the moment I sent it to Exodus wallet and stake it. Upon messaging the staff no one wanted to help me and told me to report to my local police! As if they know shit about Blockchain! I'm still very upset and never touched the app again.

  9. I'd like Exodus to utilize a 24 word seed phrase option now in both desktop and mobile wallets. Sure 12 is "supposedly" secure… but for some reason, I feel more safe with a longer seed phrase. This is why I use other wallets. I would also like their mobile IOS app to have the same or even more functionality like the desktop wallet.

  10. Despite the Economic downturn,I'm so happy☺️. I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 13days from my Bitcoin trading

  11. They all talk a good talk. Then 2 weeks later they are hacked or bankrupt, then they leave with millions. Smh Don't put your all in any of these companies. I consider every last one of them scammers and ponzi schemes

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