TRILLIONS LOST The Fed Just Crashed the Stock Market

⚠️ TRILLIONS LOST? The Fed Just Crashed the Stock Market

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⚠️ From 1995 to 2020, fine art has appreciated 14% annually vs. S&P500’s 9.5%, so it’s a great way to diversify without sacrificing performance. Masterworks disclosures:

⚠️ This past week, the Federal Reserve raised the overnight lending rate (the base interest rate) by another 75 basis points (0.75%) to combat record-high inflation. This was the largest rate hike since 1994 and we could see many more like it. Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve are scheduled to meet 4 more times in 2022, so we could see a 3%+ Federal Funds Rate by the end of 2022. He’s what that means for your portfolio and what you can do about it.

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📝 Resources & References 📝

Real Interest 1 Month:
Real Interest 1 Year:
Real Negative Interest Rates (Blackrock Reports):

8.6% CPI In May 2022:

Tesla Layoffs (TSLA Stock – 10% of staff)

Coinbase Layoffs (COIN Stock – 1100 employees, 18% of staff, crypto winter):

Peloton Layoffs (PTON Stock – 2800 employees, 20% of staff):

LPL Research on Bear Markets

LPL Research on Bear Markets 2

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  1. The trading market is constantly evolving with new features, trading opportunities, financial swings with sudden surprises around every corner. The best thing is to stay in shape and don't let anything catch you on the wrong foot.

  2. Eddie Reinfranck

    Videos are well done and interesting but do not follow this mans investing choices lol

  3. S&P will have dropped 60% from last high before this is done. Those valuations will not be reached again for a decade. The NASDAQ took 14 years to claw it's way back to breakeven.

  4. Hey Alex, love the channel and the videos overall, but for the videos sponsored by masterworks a large section of them feel more like a commercial for masterworks than your own work.

  5. Blame this administration for pumping money into the stock market, it was a fake market since this administration took office, I hope nobody loses out,, my opinion is don't panic just ride out the storm don't sell, but buy on solid companies.

  6. Laying off 10% of workforce or 10% of salaried workers? Tesla hourly workers are supposed to increase.

  7. Our company aredy laying off more people

  8. Great content Alex! Keep it comin’ man👍🏻

  9. Ger-rome pal lol

  10. awesome content! this is very useful information for everyone whether they are in market.

  11. Eggs and Bacon up around 200 percent

  12. I would argue many people better have a rather large emergency fund. It’s doesn’t do much good if you own a lot of stocks but have to cash them in at the wrong time to pay the rent.

  13. I would argue many people better have a rather large emergency fund. It’s doesn’t do much good if you own a lot of stocks but have to cash them in at the wrong time to pay the rent.

  14. So in essence they (the fed) have lost hope that supply supply can increase, and to fix this they are going to send a shit ton of people, to unemployment in order to fix the supply problem . Sounds great. Thought we had a lot of homeless before .., just wait.

  15. The "Black Swan Indicator" based on S&P 500 might be also very helpful for you:

  16. .75 is probably not enough to salvage the printing of all that friggin cash

  17. Yeah lets invest in paintings, that seems productive!? Buy some crypto and NFT's while your at it.

  18. The art investment ad is a strange sell here.

  19. Joel Bloomquist

    is that the Maiar lightning bolt on your shelf?

  20. yuzaR Data Science

    Hey Alex, thank for another cool video! Would be interesting how your 100.000 portfolio changed since you started. And how you portfolio (your conviction) changed, since you started your channel. Cheers

  21. the recession is already here, 0.75% rate hike is not a soft landing, it created hard landing

  22. – Powell: let’s drop interest rates to 0% AND print trillions. That is not going to cause inflation and all extra profits will trickle down to employees.
    – Politicians: Oh, and let’s pay people more money than they were making at their jobs to stay home.
    – The Whole World: Riiiiight.