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  1. Seek above all for a game worth playing- such is the advice of the Oracle to modern man.🤩💥

  2. Great video O, Love watching your trades. So exciting to see you win big. Thanks.

  3. Incredible and right on as usual with the one and only Oracle !!!! Fuck "T.A." its all humanity and knowing 😉

  4. Steven Hawkins in a lambo ….perfect that fool look exactly like that bro 🤙🌴

  5. Wow 500%. Everything is possible. I am very happy learning every day with the wolves in Discord!!! Thanks O!

  6. Thanks Oracle great lesson people watch and listen and you learn and be a part wolf pack

  7. Insane how Oracle held this trade 2.5 days. Absolutely fearless. I'd have closed this much earlier.

  8. So many platforms on YouTube but ☝️different to another's I can't believe this real until I deal with him you are the best

  9. people wish they make 7% per year…… the Oracle made 500% on ONE trade think about it and join us

  10. As always great video saw it develop in the discord this is mind bending stuff

  11. Its Oracle's art to read humanity. So when he says this isn't a call group but a skill, he means it. What I love about the videos is that when you watch them each is teaching a specific lesson in real time. Trade accordingly.

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