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🚀ORACLE special monthly discord option limited to first 100 people:
🚨LEARN TO TRADE FROM ORACLE CONSULT+DISCORD lifetime SUPPORT on how to trade the 1 min chart directly from the Oracle



🏎️BYBIT Great for Defi and NFTS and alt coin selection I prefer Margex to leverage trade

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Web page screenshot extension for trading its free

Learn to win more leverage trades! Get the Oracle Consult and lifetime discord full package for 0.15 btc.

What do you get? Session with Oracle to learn War on the One Minute Chart then join his group and pay nothing for the life of the discord. This means ongoing help after the session with Oracle to help ensure your success

Oracle will teach you how he enters exits and all aspects of War on the 1 min chart in a consultation and teach you how he trades in a zoom call. This is a very special opportunity to learn a simple, understandable way of training you can master.

During the consult Oracle will answer 99% of the questions you may have before you even ask them. So don’t worry you don’t need a list of questions or lots of experience

Usually there is about a 2 week wait list to speak with Oracle and during that time to have access to the community who will welcome you and many special discords only videos divided up into several rooms to explore as you prepare for your time with Oracle.

It gets even better!

After the consult you level up to green status and have access to the consult war room with all the traders Oracle has ever trained and oracle himself is there most of the time to help guide you, so you are never alone! In this room you can ask your questions and post your charts as we are here to help you. Access to discord has no monthly fees. Pay once and you’re a member for the life of the discord!

People are blown away as to how easy this is once Oracle explains it to you personally. Believe it or not yes you can learn to trade like oracle in just 1 zoom session. There is more after your consult you have the WAR ROOM this is a special room with all the people trained by Oracle. In the war room you can have ongoing help even from Oracle himself. This system is set up, so you learn this skill for life, and we are by your side to ensure your success.

Have your 0.15 ready for immediate access. Don’t get scammed by imposters this is out contact

This is for entertainment purposes only. Any trading you do is your own choice. Entries and exits are critical. Learn to trade before you trade. All trading is for demonstration purposes only. *Lifetime means the life of discord not your lifetime.


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  1. Oracle has blessed you with monthly access, I would suggest getting in full time though. Learn valuable lessons from a Legend.

  2. Keeo em coming Oracle!
    These vids..motivate me.. more then you do.. i appreciate your efforts.

    Thanks eh 🙂

  3. Like always the Truth explain simple anyone can do it learn from the best

  4. Another great one…. "I'm an overachiever stupid"…that should be a slogan on tshirts!

  5. About time mate…haha

    Been waiting on more teachings from you and updates🔥


  6. Love watching your shorts O. Currently shorting, Slightly down but I know I'm gonna win cause 21k will not hold. Thanks O.

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