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According to a new report out by Grayscale, this bear market started on June 13th, 2022 and we now have only 250 days to go to …


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  2. I can't wait to see it. Green please.
    All my coins safe on atomic wallet and still buying more.

  3. Looking at some of the contagion with Skybridge and its connections to FTX…
    Right now FTXUS has been very slow to answer customer service support tickets and complete the KYC process described on their web site so funds can be transferred to a cold wallet…
    Lets hope they don't become a Lehman Brothers or Bear Stearns event….

  4. i truly don't get how anyone could say it started on June 13th. It's been tanking for months

  5. You mentioned 3ac are bunch of degens but in the end they were doing what everyone else was doing including most YT cryptogurus. Anchor, Terra and Luna.
    I think the degens are companies who loaned them money without collateral.

  6. FYI,. your i trust link isn't available in your description. maybe on purpose..?

  7. Rob, did you get notice from Celsius about filing a claim? Any plan to chat about it?

  8. Rob, people are stupid if they want to walk around blaming you for there investment choices, its there problem. Don't let them bother you, I love your show and I don't let anyone tell me what to do with my money. you just keep doing what you do!!

  9. "for sure" is only if you are in a God's plan😇 😉 only Jesus Christ know how much time left on Earth for you and me 🙃

  10. What exactly do you mean by diamond hands. Like I’m a long term investor, so next bull run I plan to take out my initial investment and then leave the remaining crypto for very long term, possibly 10 years. Is this not a good strategy in your opinion?

  11. Hi Rob, I am sorry to hear people are blaming you for their mistakes, I don’t think you could be clearer on saying it is not financial advice. For me I am weathering the storm and buying the dip, if anything I am getting FOMO with Bitcoin because I have kept most of my money on the sideline in fiat. We will see what happens, hopefully the cycle continues. By the way most of my crypto is on a cold wallet with a small amount on an exchange, probably your best advice. Thanks for your videos.

  12. I’ve used iPhone since the beginning.. and used Mac computers since 99’ as a kid.. but never even considered Apple Pay . F apple . F T Cook. He’s been the worst thing to happen to apple since the beginning. He’s an affirmative action woke hire more concerned with social justice than technology and customers.

  13. Thanks Rob, keep keeping it real.
    People make their own decisions in life and investing – don't wear their losses, they wouldn't credit you in their gains.

  14. How was Jed not involved in the lawsuit??? Doesn't matter though Rob, we'll make back all your original losses when the case closes in Ripple's favor! Good to hear you're back in since you got me interested in XRP way back when. Btw 4 year cycles? Go down the rabbit hole of financial astrology and you'll confirm your 2023 timeline as well as some other stuff that will blow your mind!

  15. I was born in 77. I was a teenager in the late 90s. I got an ATM card in the mid 90s (95-96). But I didn't get an actual debit card that you could use anywhere until the late 98-99.

  16. True, crypto is really not popular yet. It just seems like it when it's all you do and discuss. There's not even any significant institutional adoption yet! That's the real start. I hate comparisons to the internet, but it was around in the mid eighties and didn't take off till like 94, 95.

  17. I work in Fremont, Ca and everyone uses Apple Pay. I didn’t know it wasn’t used so much outside this area. 🤔

  18. Rob, "Genesis is the future of finance." Don't you know that, bro? What a great commercial. Should make a lot of business school classes in the future.

  19. No one knows when the market will turn bullish, but I think 2023 will be a consolidation year, probably the first 2 quarters of 2024 also, then the bull will come, remember too take profits during the bull, layering out of your positions after coins 4x or more

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