250 Million Year Old quotMicrochipquot Found

250-Million Year-Old "Microchip" Found? 🖥️

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Main Narration By Don Moffit: www.donmoffit.com


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  1. You're going totally off the rails now…

  2. The simple answer is that secular scientists have no f idea of how old things are and the christians and/or hindu people are right about everything.

    A.k.a Civ before the flood

  3. They've buried millions of artifacts around my area in eastern Kentucky and southern west Virginia, the coal miner's which I've personal heard eye witnesses tell of the amazing discoveries found in the coal mine and how they were threatened to keep thier mouths shut and burry and distroy all evidence of these artifacts. The main reason given is revenue losses do to having to close down the mines for investigation, I believe that is true but I also believe these unspoken rules come not only from the top of the corporations but from government interest.

  4. I seem to remember I subbed to this channel after watching one video but didn't have time to check out others. I have done that now and Goodbye.

  5. Your mind would be blown by what is hanging up at Mother Shipton's cave. Lol.
    As for the 'ancient' disc representing how babies are made, it's age has been debunked.

  6. I have a hard time listening to videos narrated by Don Moffit. Some people like his work. I do not. I do not not like that fake, breathy nonsense.

  7. Is love nothing more then to get a glimpse into our ancient history just to watch a full day of their activities!! I’m so fascinated by our ancient history!! Only reason I’d want a time machine!

  8. 17:02 it looks like Joe Rogan.


    The doll could’ve been 4000 years old and fell into an underground river and swept into a sandy area that had material that was 2 million years old

  10. Felix Poventud 3

    Every time we find proof of alien life, or anicent aliens, they go missing! Or they say it has to be fake, without study!

  11. 0:25 That looks more like a piece of the under side of a sand dollar.

  12. What a load of shit.

  13. If the earth is 4.5 billion years old, and we assume a base figure of 100 million years for a civilization to develop from nothing, that still allows for nearly 40 different intelligent civilizations to have formed from nothing, grown into advanced technological societies, and collapsed into oblivion, leaving no obvious traces. Given plate tectonics, all traces of any older civilizations would have been obliterated with the recycling of land masses via plate subduction.
    I still find it fascinating and criminally egocentric that “academia” refuses steadfastly to even entertain the possibility of such things.

  14. Florida Man 407

    Had an old geologist back in the early 80’s state he found a piece of electronics in a rock while searching for metal deposits in the SW in the 70’s. Said it wasn’t the only strange items found by geologists over the years. His opinion is that it predated our electronics by thousands of years.

  15. Patrick Frensdorff

    What if?! the doll is not made by man?

  16. Terrance Adrian

    Life, civilisation and knowledge are all cyclical. There are very few brand new discoveries in this world. 99.9% of them are simply rediscovered ideas.

  17. Dominic Mogridge

    could the metal inserts for keystroke cuts have just been pushed into a softened rock?.if someone can tell if they were set in recesses of pushed directly into the rock.

  18. The Antikythera device is not an OOPart. An amazing thing, though.

  19. In a life time of study, I have become positive that there were others before us. Perhaps they were here one or two hundred thousand years, or more.

  20. How do ancient thing resurface,?? The terrestrial planets are torrids of dirt are not still and sound but in motion of cycle.

  21. 5:16 "een-IG-muh-lith." Accent on the second syllable. It's a portmanteau of "enigma" and "lith."

  22. 3rd x today still good yt loves ya bb who don't !!

  23. Clifford Baxter

    You'll find the Missing Artifacts underneath the Vatican in the Vaults ✝️🇺🇸😡