Andy Edstrom and Preston Pysh Swan Signal Live

Andy Edstrom and Preston Pysh – Swan Signal Live – A Bitcoin Show – E85

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Today we are joined by Preston Pysh of the Investors Podcast Network and Andy Edstrom, author of Why Buy Bitcoin for our Quarterly Report! We discuss the latest events in Bitcoin over the past few months, the risks of leverage, crypto crashes & More!

00:00:00 The Pacific Bitcoin Conference, Brought to you by Swan
00:03:24 Discussing Jerome Powell’s comments on Inflation
00:09:32 What happens if Inflation rises?
00:17:26 Inflation or Credit Markets, What does the Fed prioritize?
00:22:20 When will the Fed have to Pivot?
00:24:25 Oil & Energy Prices, has Inflation Peaked?
00:31:12 Warning against the risks of using Leverage
00:35:12 What is Leverage & how does it work?
00:37:54 Has Leverage affected Bitcoin’s price?
00:43:08 Predicting Bitcoin Price by 2023
00:53:43 Check out the latest work from Swan Studios!

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