Andy Schectman Silver premiums continue to come down

Andy Schectman: Silver premiums continue to come down

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#AndySchectman: #Silver premiums continue to come down

After seeing silver premiums spike earlier this year amidst a shortage of many silver products, in this week’s silver report, Andy Schectman of Miles Franklin talks about how silver premiums have come down in recent weeks.

May has traditionally been one of the slowest months in the #preciousmetals industry, and we are now seeing that priced into the current premium market. Although to find out what precious metals customers were doing this past week, as well as what differences we are seeing in #gold buying patterns as opposed to silver, click to watch this week’s physical silver market report now!

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  1. Looks like the trolls have come out of the basement to play… need to learn and understand the true fundamentals and demand under silver, and how it is continually manipulated via derivatives.

  2. That guy Jeffrey is a cook!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  3. Andy's (and his Fathers) company is responsible for helping many investors sleep better at night.
    He should, however, give a bunch of 10 oz bars away on r/wallstreetsilver.
    Apes have made him a lot of money

  4. The arrogance of the Wigmaster is par for the course. He should be on the 1/6 committee. Vilify, obfuscate, project, take out of context, go on friendly shows only. A true deep state criminal.

  5. Thank you Chris & Andy for this detailed insight to the gold & silver markets. As you both know from Rafi Farber's video for Arcadia Economics titled "Politely Debunks Jeffrey Christian on Silver". Rafi goes into Jeffrey's lack of appreciation of silver as a monetary metal around the world. Rafi's video & this video are perfect bookends to this discussion for new & veteran investors. Have a great summer & I look forward to your future videos.

  6. Rebilionistheanswer

    Why do you even waste your time talking about this guy?
    Can we not waste any more time with, what's his name…….

  7. Thanks for another great show guys. It took me awhile but I slowly learned to do the opposite of what the powers that be said to do. Jim Cramer is a stooge!

  8. Funny how Jeff Christian bashes the precious metals community EVERY chance he gets. He has a vested interest in the status quo. That will never change. He's probably as bad or worse than a bankster. Thanks again guys.
    Get your weight up 🏅🥈🏅🥈😀

  9. How do you know when Jeffrey Christian is lying? When his lips move.

  10. Still $5 premiums on generic rounds,nothing came down but spot price.

  11. Monument metals has Philharmonics for $3.87 over spot

  12. Well I have been stacking since 2004, I happily do so, it's in the math, not the propaganda, cheers from Canada, you two Rock

  13. Wow I didn't know the federal reserve existed for 500 years. Jeffrey Christian is as phony as his hair.

  14. He used the click bait against you…

  15. Premiums are high, time to buy silver. Premiums are coming down, time to buy silver. Forgive me for raising an eyebrow when the only clear winner is the Shitman sitting in the middle.

  16. Andy, Jeff sacred. it's getting close.

  17. Great session fellas!

  18. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

  19. Since purchasing gold & silver coins since 2015 & selling by auction on EBay I have been increasing margins extremely profitably sometimes over 100%!!!

  20. Not that i see. Where is it?

  21. Jeff Christian is a 'manipulation denier'!!!!

  22. It has been clinically proven that tieing your wig on too tight can effect your hearing. Jeff apparently has problems with this.

  23. It's pretty straight forward. All fiats through history have failed. Silver and Gold have stood the test of time and they make the ultimate insurance for wealth preservation regardless of what the fiat system does. It is prudent to hold the precious metals regardless of what anyone thinks, the facts are the facts and that is all i am interested in personally regardless of narrative or opinion. Best video in awhile, nicely done.

  24. "Showing a modicum of class by not naming you" Well you both name Christian constantly. Is that a reflection on your class? Same distractions, smoke, mirrors and circus nonsense as always. Sell popcorn. The ONLY thing that matters is supply and demand. Everything will continue in PMs until physical demand can't be supplied. The end.

  25. the criminal bankers are shitting in their pants. they know the storm is coming.
    gold shall destroy the fed
    it will be biblical

  26. Scott Stephenson

    What Jeffrey Christian fully understands, but makes believe he does not understand, is that all of the old fart Gold and Silver Bugs have been buying Gold and Silver for a lot longer than YouTube and websites have been around. We fully understand that Bankers are evil and do not trust the FED.

    I think what you are doing is great and have been waiting along time to see that other people are starting to understand what Gold and Silver are. That is a form of VALUE, not an investment.

    I will continue to be a Gold and Silver Bug no matter how many stupid statements come out of Jeffery's mouth.

    Andy and Chris, Love what you too are doing. Keep it up.

  27. Thank you for including the Jeffery Christian spot, it made my day; and I needed a laugh today. I especially enjoyed his characterization of C. Marcus as the Babe in the Woods and A. Schectman as precious metal’s wizened, crusty, book talking know-it-all. While Jeffery levitates above all of us in the lotus position in white light – asking the only questions that matter.

  28. The smart money knows how much federal reserve notes are coming back to this country. It even scares me!😉

  29. What about PSLV? THts a Sprott Silver TRust. And you can get the silver delivered if you have certain amount. However why would you want to? ITs more valuable in the PSLV trust rather than taking ownership and having ot prove its authenticity// ITs also more liquid using PSLV Stock

  30. Yes you price manipulating pair of misfits saying just because p/m haven’t moved as expected that the 500/1 ratio in the comex is an acceptable risk for the average joe in the street to expect because it’s his fault because he didn’t check that they don’t have enough inventory to cover a full run on the commodity because they have a bum bandage that excuse’s them from having to come up with product the government said so

  31. It was transitory it went much higher so he was right silly you

  32. But they Still won't drop premiums on 10oz silver bar's…..🤬

  33. Hilarious! How can you take seriously a man with a haircut like that?😆

  34. For sure premiums are coming down, not many are buying anymore after getting burnt so hard. Many silver skus used to be sold out now I haven't seen a sold out Sku in months.

  35. Emptyhead BIDEN

    Bad used car salesman. Andy is a scumbag salesman that would hose his own mother on her death bed.

  36. Q. If I won a million what would I do? A. I would panic to get it out of fiat asap into bullion!

  37. If Jeffery Christian's lips are moving usually cow manuer is coming out, in my opinion.

  38. Jeff Christian should invest in precious metals so when he wins a payday he can buy a decent wig

  39. You like gold? Buy silver, one day you’ll have a lot more gold.