Art investments and how they have changed

Art investments and how they have changed

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On February 23, 2022, Sotheby’s was getting ready for a $30 million auction.
It’s a lot of money, but it’s actually tiny for Sotheby’s.
So, this should be an easy sale, right?
Not quite. Twenty-five minutes after the event was supposed to start, nothing happened. Then, an employee took the microphone and said, “the auction is off.”
Fans, connoisseurs, and millionaires alike gasped in shock. Potential buyers wanted answers, but Sotheby’s PR was blunt and silent.
The rest of the world had a field day speculating why this happened.

Why would they back out? Well, it’s because the auction house as we know it, is dying.

So let’s talk about it in this episode of Forensics.

0:00 NFTs and Auctions – Intro
0:59 NFTs and Auctions – An essential part of human history
2:44 NFTs and Auctions – The Space Between Us
6:50 NFTs and Auctions – New Times
9:00 NFTs and Auctions – Are they here to stay?

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  1. the music in the beginning is too loud.

  2. I hope MasterWorks is paying you good 😏

  3. thecognacsipper

    i like the content, but im not super fond of the sponsor for it. I feel someone with a less direct interst would be better.

  4. Makes sense that auction houses were not hit by a recession. The people there are the ones who are profiting. Granted I don't know much about the high art world, except that it looks like a speculation economy, like trading stocks. It's also very weird to me that we're okay with rich people privately owning Monets, although I know that could lead to a very grey area (how famous does an artist have to be until their work is "public/cultural heritage" instead of privately owned pieces?) I feel like the takeaway from this video is that art auctions are about hype, not the artist or piece, and are consumable units making up a stable investment for the wealthy instead of art for its own sake. Not claiming that's a new insight or anything.

  5. Flew from California to New York to see a friend and met Caya on the subway to Brooklyn last night. What are the odds? Totally made my day though. Those red pants look good Caya!

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  7. Exploder Wrestling Podcast

    Spending loads of money on a painting is dumb. Spending loads of money on a digital picture of a panting is dumber.

  8. Hayden Huffines

    Seems like a big conflict of interest with the sponsor of this video, and a dishonestly positive portrayal of auction houses.

    You literally never said a single negative thing about them. Christie's and Sotheby's have shown time and time again to be extremely shady. Even when limiting the list to proven scandals, that list is quite long. To the point of there being a specific scandal where those two auction houses caught price-fixing with each other.

    It's amazing that you can talk about auctioning off spoils of war in the context of ancient rome, while stolen artifacts are illegally sold to this day.
    Such a cleaver way to dodge any negativity related to the topic.

    Art investing is profitable to those who are willing to game the system, legally or otherwise. Always has been. The more honest investors you recruit, the easier it is for the dishonest to take advantage.

    For serious shame, yall doing your viewers dirty.

  9. Gratz on scooping up the editor from Taken 2.

  10. @slidebean – have you considered evaluating startups and mentoring them in exchange for equity?

  11. Thats cut waaaaaay to fast .. holy f…

  12. I love your content, has been one of my biggest inspirations recently when I take a break in work days.

  13. Saw Masterworks coming even before clicking the video 😆

  14. Still can't break that top 5

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    Learn to trade, i'm presently making $3,200 per week on my portfolio..

  16. when is your video on the Indian startup ecosystem is coming?

  17. why did I think he was about to rap in the beginning? 😅

  18. Is office hours still happening?

  19. Let's go ☕

  20. Interesting