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Balwani found guilty, Crypto crash updates, + Turkey’s rare earth discovery | E1502

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0:00 Jason and Molly tee up today’s topics!
2:27 Sunny Balwani found guilty of fraud
12:26 Microsoft for Startups Hub – Apply in 5 minutes, no funding required, sign up at
13:42 US officials that invest in crypto can’t work on crypto-related policies and regulation that could affect the value of their assets
21:42 Masterworks – Skip the waitlist to invest in art using promo code TWIST at
23:09 Key players in the Solana ecosystem are being accused of illegally profiting off the blockchain’s token SOL
36:05 Crypto firm Uprise lost 99% of customer funds trying to short LUNA tokens during the Terra/Luna collapse last month
38:12 – Get 15% off your first 4 weeks of developer time at
39:29 The Turkish government is claiming it just discovered almost 700M metric tons of rare earth materials
49:27 SotD: Traba has a job board that helps entry-level workers find shifts at fulfillment centers and event venues
53:41 Outro + Plugs!



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Microsoft for Startups Hub – Apply in 5 minutes, no funding required, sign up at
Masterworks – Skip the waitlist to invest in art using promo code TWIST at – Get 15% off your first 4 weeks of developer time at

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  1. Another day in America. 2 people working 'together', making all the decisions 'together' and only 1 gets charged with fraud while the other gets away. White female. Male person of color. I'd like to know the demographic of the jury if it is out there because there is absolutely no shred of evidence to believe that only 1 of them is 'absolutely' and 'completely' guilty while the other isn't. They're both frauds and equally responsible, so why is only 1 of them held accountable.

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  3. There was a double standard in coverage of Sunny versus Elizabeth yes, but there was a massive double standard in the verdict as well. The older brown guy who comes in 6 years post formation of the company? Guilty of everything. The younger blonde woman who is feted on every magazine cover as if she were emperor of the new economy? Guilty of a subset of charges, the poor thing was abused, natch.

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  5. I run a ramen shop and yes boring lol but ya staffing is crazy right now . I would say that Troba if it works could go parabolic , but everyone is in a pickle

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