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Ben Shapiro BECOMES ENRAGED by Lizzo Playing James Madison's Goofy Crystal Flute!

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Jesse talks about conservative-manufactured culture war controversy related to Lizzo on stage playing a crystal flute once owned by former President James Madison (which now resides at the Library of Congress).

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  1. I'm from the UK. I just realised if you close your eyes and listen to ben voice, it really hurts your eyes and head.

  2. Leftists/liberals are the worst people on the planet. Stay away as much as possible.

  3. I'm disappointed that Benjy is a short trollish twerp.
    I thought, if I ever had the opportunity, I'd challenge Benjy to put on some gloves in step into the ring
    It's clear that The Yapping Chihuahua would be silenced for at least a few minutes
    See, I'm a mathematician, not a boxer.
    Nor am I a killer, neither by intent nor by alleged accident

    Also, I would challenge Yappy to a debate with full knowledge that he couldn't tie me up with his verbal diarrhea, nor could he intimidate me the way he attacks drippy undergrads.
    Ya know, I ain't no expert in economics
    And I'm no liberal
    So he'd spew his rhetoric, and if it wasn't directly related to my points of attack, I'd tacitly agree with him, which certainly would confuse him

    Alas, I found out that Yappy is 5'7" and 150 lbs, which is a severe mismatch
    Although I'm 15+ years older than dweeb, I'm 6' 200, fairly solid
    I can leg press 600 lbs
    And I would, if I lost 15-20 lbs, be worthy of male modeling
    Only truly remarkable because of my age
    And the fact I'm not covered in skin made leathery by narcissistically spending my entire adult life in the sun

  4. Ben Shapiro did not a problem with her playing the instrument, he had a problem with her twerking while she was playing it. God you are such a biased twat. Fuck the liberal media!

  5. Not a huge fan of her music, not a huge fan of hip hop, but her as a person, when she was in Australia she volunteered her time to help out with bushfire relief, and when she was interviewed on "The Project" I found her to be the most fun loving, halarious, kind hearted, adorable women, well done to the library of Congress for allowing her to treat the world with her flute playing talent.
    Here's the Aussie interview with her being just Awesome

  6. He talks about being masculine and manly, does he own a mirror, well Mr? B S, pun intended, a breath of wind would see him fly out the nearest window, open or shut.

  7. Just a question: I heard Shapiro use the term "twerk" or "twerking" many times and heard Jessie use it many times as well, but I HAD TO LOOK IT UP as it was never defined in either the video nor in the report. In fact, the issue was NOT ADDRESSED, even though it was a major part of the concern by Shapiro! Seems like a "Bait and Switch" to me?

  8. Ben, Thou "doth protest too much, methinks!"
    What are you hiding??
    Funny how Ben NEVER mentions James Madison owning slaves…

  9. Shapiro probably got a little flute going on in his pants at the twerking and got mad that it happened to someone of a race he hates.

    Or maybe he is just trying to make a proverbial mountain out of a molehill. Talking about the gentry… if he wants to fit in with the founding fathers he wouldn't be running about with a head of his natural hair.
    He would shave it and don a powdered wig. Let's he look like some dirty commoner.

  10. Did Ben feel some movement down below?
    I forgot no feelings allowed below the waste in public.

  11. Ben Shapiro is a tiny angry fundamentalist man with a self esteem proportional to his height, and he needs to put others down to feel bigger in his own mind

  12. Shapiro could do the cartoon Porky Pig or Bugs Bunny…he's got the perfect voice for it!

  13. Shapiro what different does it make about her weight? Your voice gets on my nerves. Do something about it.

  14. Starting off spouting straight up lies isn't going to endear you to any thinking person.
    Then again, maybe that's not your goal.

  15. Nobody knew about the effing flute until now, not even contemporary "gentiles". The symbolism went over Shapiro's little head.

  16. Love it!!!! History made!!!♥️♥️♥️ Ben, will get over it, before he gets under it!!!!!😂

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