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Can the US continue to be the POLICE of the WORLD? – VisualPolitik EN

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Are we facing the end of the multipolar world? Over the last few decades, we have heard talk of a world where US dominance is being challenged by other superpowers such as China and Russia. It even seemed that Washington was losing military power with defeats like the one in Afghanistan.

However, in 2022 things have taken a Copernican turn. The war in Ukraine has renewed commitment to NATO, with new memberships and increased military spending from all member countries. Suddenly, The United States’ image abroad is much improved.

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  1. Russia and China will never even come close to the level of power of the USA. Both have a very low birth and immigration rate, with high abortion rates and a rapidly-aging, already old population. This is harmful for the economy in the worst way. Add on China's economic issues related to corona and mismanagement, and its growing political isolation, and it doesn't look good. Same goes for the sanctioned Russia.

  2. Yes.. they must continue..but be justified…. not favouring side's… follow as how the judiciary system works…not making decisions on hearsay and artificial intelligence…get evidence… there must be law and order…but not corrupt police investigations… interfering with evidence.. USA's JFK was assassinated.. and it was an internal hit… evidence was tampered… that's the problem…

  3. The problems the US is facing aren't external but internal. In terms of the US military, it can continue to police the world for as long as it wants to. However internally America is crumbling from within. The US is more divided than ever, well perhaps setting aside the 1860s which led to well, a civil war. However they didn't have the internet and social media back than, and this influence causes much more minor disagreements to get blown out of any proportion and everyone being so deeply affected by it. You can correctly say that today's issues in America are far lesser than those of the 1860s, however the power of the dissent today is much greater thanks to social media. It might not lead to another civil war, but the very fabric of American society is crumbling right in front of our eyes. You need not look further than the mass exodus of Americans away from California to see just what I mean. The largest American(liberal) cities are all suffering from massive increases in crime. Cries to defund the police are growing ever louder with each passing day. The same police that is the law enforcing arm of the government mind you, the same government that is also policing the entire world. How can the US continue to police the world when more and more Americans want the government to stop policing the American people? The American military is just fine and will remain fine in the foreseeable future. The question isn't at all about that but rather about the American politicians. As at the end of the day it's the executive branch that gives the military orders, with the president also being the commander in chief…

  4. As someone who lives in the US, the empire is a lot more shaky from within than from out. It kind of feels like before a star collapses, it expands outward before falling inward. It’s looking more and more like there is the chance some kind of conflict could break out in the US, civil war maybe the most extreme but some form of insurgency is beginning to appear like a possibility. With lots of people losing faith in state institutions such as the Supreme Court after the Roe ruling a general populous that feels like neither party represents them while the state also militarizes the police on the inside, this analysis maybe extremely optimistic. The US has left its footprint on the world with our funding and alliances, but if the US collapses from within it may not matter how many bases and agreements we have. A lot of different crises are compounding in the US so as someone from within, it’s looking harder and harder that the US can maintain its superpower place, especially while many regional powers are going there own direction.

  5. Nothing is permanent except chanllenges. For the US it first challenged the British, then came the Soviet. Now it is facing China and Russia. The next challenger might be India…

  6. Imagine a world without the USA.
    Surely, Russia and China already invaded the world by now . China has the South East asia and Africa while Russia has the middle east and Europe.
    No country can challenge them

  7. The US foreign policy is like this " a crossdressing meth addict is terrorizing your neighborhood trying to force bizarre behaviors on you."

  8. The morons in control are opening talks with our enemies. OMG! Trump fix these seriously selfish people making money off our suffering! Come back in 2024!

  9. @7:09 This made me spit out my drink. I have been laughing for 5 minutes. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  10. As far as I recall Putin invasion of Ukraine happened under Biden and the graph you showcase about military spending at 7:28 clearly shows military spending dropped under Obama around 2010 and began rising under Trump circa 2017. Furthermore a few years ago the EU began their own supranational army to ease their reliance on the US so if anything I see NATO being devided into two global powers in the future. So I can't see a new American Century period. I have to commend you guys for the inclusion of Fukuyama on the video tho, that was a stroke of genius.

  11. Democracy is better than autocracy, but that's not what the US is defending. While I also prefer American influence over Russian or Chinese, it's a case of choosing the lesser evil. It's important to note that the US doesn't support/defend democracy, they defend capitalism and US financial and power projection interests. The US regularly undermines democratically elected governments when they prioritize their people's well-being over American financial interests. The long list of CIA coups makes that abundantly clear.

  12. Yes the US needs to be the policeman of the world as the world is entering a new cold war between the west vs China and Russia and the US needs to be strong enough to defend the west

  13. Russia mobilized Nato and helped the americans. The USA haters around the world should hate Russia now. USA could loose its influence in Europe but they kept it because Russia attacked a big country and they used that. At lest in Europe and the far east(korea and japan), USA will dominate for a looooong time and they wont leave soon. If Putin wants to kick them from Europe, he cant.

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